The White Label Way To Launch A Fundraising Platform

You found this page while searching for DAO Maker Clone Script, awesome! Since you are already familiar with what DAO Maker is, this piece was written with that assumption in mind.

And you’re trying to figure out how to build and introduce a DAO maker, such as an application or website. Congratulations, if it’s true, you’ve found the appropriate page. Everything you need to know about creating a DAO maker-like platform with a clone script is provided here. Importantly, the article also includes 3 fantastic benefits for new projects that can lower their project costs. So, continue scrolling!

Why is DAO Maker such a popular app?

Numerous factors have contributed to the emergence and popularity of apps like DAO maker. For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of a few.


While most commercial operations in conventional apps are conducted internally, decentralised blockchain technology is included into the DAO creator app. Every activity taken on the platform, including every transaction and process, is open to public scrutiny and is permanently recorded.


A full range of democracy is provided by the DAO maker platform. Rather than adhering to conventional procedures, each member has the right to vote and take part in the event. when choices are made on behalf of others by elected officials. The fair and equitable hierarchy barrier increases user confidence and encourages cautious members to think.

Rules for the Automation DAO platform are integrated in smart contract algorithms, allowing for rule enforcement free from labour, bias, manipulation, and human error.

Elimination of Third-party Organizations

Members are able to conduct transactions independently of intermediaries, regulators, lawyers, and other professionals. For instance, the DAO maker platform can carry out the plan using simply voting if the members desire to make any platform amendments.


The DAO maker platform’s virtual operation gives users the freedom to work from any location at any time. Voting for the corporation may be done by anyone in possession of tokens. The platform rewards users for their contributions, not for their appearance or other credentials. Discrimination is avoided, and corporate expansion is promoted.

Our DAO Maker Clone Script’s features

A list of unique DAO Maker clone script platform features is available below. Check them out; you might also find your first reward there.

Integration of crypto and digital wallets

Users can use systems like MetaMask Clone, Ethereum, Coinbase, bitcoin, and others that provide digital or crypto wallets. We are capable of creating unique multi-currency cryptocurrency wallets. Get the first reward of up to a 20% discount by integrating this feature on the DAO maker-like platform (call our expert to know more).

Token Allocation Right Away

The ability to invest in tokens and take part in platform listings is completely open to cryptocurrency investors. This explains why the platform is becoming more usable.

Final Sale

The project information area will have a detailed list of the sales price, participants, and other information when the IDO or IGO platform closes sales.

Shut off Swapping

The function, which is based on decentralised lending protocols, aids in eliminating the need for platform updates.


Through smart contracts, you can permit the burning and exchanging of old tokens on the network.

Modules for staking, list

Our platform’s layout provides room for listing staking modules, which increase platform participation and efficiency.

Live Sales Users can define the live sales state and engage in them with a single click of information.

Wishlist To keep users interested in the platform, we developed a wishlist that will alert users when new listings are updated.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions Inc To Develop A DAO Maker Clone?

One of the top blockchain DAO development businesses, Suffescom Solutions Inc offers world-class DAO development services. Since we began operating more over 13 years ago, we have built a number of different metaverses, including technologies, IDO, ICO, IGO, NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, token standards, and more.

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