These rigid gift boxes styles will never let you down!

 These rigid gift boxes styles will never let you down!

Rigid gift boxes are a premium kind of packaging that many brands use to present the luxurious nature of their product. They are sturdier than other cardboard or corrugated packages. Some brands even use high-grade Kraft stock with double encasement to make them sturdy. The thickness of their stores is more than others as well. Their styles have a great diversity that allows businesses to choose the most suitable as per their requirements. The same is the case with their shapes that brands can personalize according to their desires. Their size is customizable to match the dimensions of the product.

How are Poplure Rigid Gift Boxes in the Market?

Brands often design impressive graphics for them. The latest printing techniques allow them to use different color schemes as well. Most of these packages have fascinating finishing with metallic foil or matte vinyl. Brands often add holders, dividers, trays, and custom inserts in them. Businesses can also make a die-cut window on them. Rigid gift boxes have become a popular packaging solution all over the globe. Due to this popularity, packaging manufacturers have designed them in many styles. These styles vary a lot depending upon product and brand requirements. Want to know about those exceptional styles?

Die-cut sleeve

Die-cut sleeve gift boxes are the most popular rigid packaging style that many brands use for their products. They have a two-piece structure that businesses can use to make a significant impact on consumers. The primary part is a sleeve, which covers the second part. This sleeve packaging is different than ordinary ones as businesses use die-cut technology in their design. Its shape can differ as per the requirements of brands. With this technique, brands can even make a window on them. Some of these packages have angular sides. That makes them pretty fascinating for fulfilling the styling requirements of many firms.

Shoulder box

A shoulder box is an excellent rigid custom gift boxes that can never let down luxury brands. The structure of this packaging is quite distinctive from others. It has three parts on the whole. But two parts are fixed, and one of them is not fixed. Base and tray are two significant parts that are fixed with each other. The lid covers the tray, but a gap between the side of the base and lid is visible. Due to the contrasting colors of a tray, this line is visible. It provides a sleek look to the packaging. This packaging is manufactured with rigid and thick cardboard stock as businesses avoid corrugated materials to make it.

Hinged lid

Hinged lid rigid gift boxes are pretty famous among tech and many more businesses. They have a single sheet structure most of the time. The lid of this packaging is closed with gravity. It doesn’t have any tuck end for fixing the lid completely after sealing. Thata is among the most premium packaging because it has high GSM and thickness as well. It is a style that many brands use due to its suitability for multiple products. Businesses can place multiple products in it by using holders and dividers. Some firms use different elements around the edges of the lid to seal it automatically after a person closes it.

Magnetic closure in Rigid gif boxes

Rigid printed gift boxes with magnetic closures are a luxurious packaging style—many companies like this style for different reasons. You will find many other types in subcategories of this one. It has a foldable lid at the top. Firms can use the hinged lid style for this purpose as well. The difference is in closing. Magnetic closures are used for closing the lid of this packaging. It keeps the items safe as the magnets keep the lid shut even after some impact. The force of magnets is customizable, as firms can opt for a high-power appeal or a low-power one.

Bi-fold lid

Bi-fold rigid packages are the choice of many brands these days. Brands often buy this gift packaging wholesale as it has a minimal structure. It is associated with hinged and magnetic closure packages. Businesses can make it two lids at the top that covers half the area each. It is closed with gravitational force. Some brands introduce magnetic closures in them. It is also possible for businesses to use various kinds of personalization options to make them more alluring. You will find many of these packages having a rectangular shape.

Metalized packaging

Rigid metalized packaging is a gift box style that will never let you down in different areas. If you are a luxury brand or sell high-value products, this packaging solution is for you. These packages have metallic foil finishing. This foiling can come in different color schemes. Gold, silver, and rose colors are popular. Some brands even use this foiling inside the box to make a significant impact on consumers. It is also possible to use different types of personalization options to enhance their visual appeal.

Collapsible box

Rigid collapsible boxes have become the need of many brands these days. This style is famous for its unique structure. It can collapse and turn into a flat sheet on the requirement. It generally has a single sheet structure. Businesses can store these packages without any problem before packaging the product. End consumers can also reuse this one in many ways due to its collapsible design. It communicates the luxurious nature of the product as well.

Rigid gift boxes are becoming a necessity of many brands dealing with premium and other products. Packaging manufacturers are designing them in many styles these days. The types above are some of the best ones that will never let you down.


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