Things Need to Consider While Opting For Optical Services

 Things Need to Consider While Opting For Optical Services

We all spend a lot of time choosing the perfect frame to show our personality. Many of us ignore some important aspects like lenses. Well, a frame may compliment your look but lenses help an important thing in quality vision. So making the wrong and improper fit can lead you to poor vision.

The opticians offer optical services that include dozen of lenses ranging from standard plastic to feather-light polycarbonate. Lenses are similar to tools which means some lenses are suited best for certain jobs and others work elsewhere. Some lenses have the ability to perform multiple functions but might compromise performance.

In this post, you will learn about how to make choices while considering optical services. It includes which type of lens, and material suits you, all these things are covered under this topic.

Let’s dig thoroughly!

Types of Lenses

Single Vision: This type of lenses particularly set for one viewing distance either near, intermediate, or distance. The application of these lenses can be varied for driving glasses for distance, computer glasses for intermediate tasks, and reading glasses for close-up vision. The single vision can be used to treat imperfections of eyesight like astigmatism.

Bi-focal: This type of lens is divided into two parts and provides the user clear distance and near vision without transition and correction. It also works to treat astigmatism disease.

Progressive: The progressive lenses include three main zone distance, intermediate, and reading. Users can enjoy the convenience of not removing glasses to see all distances with one lens. But picking up this type of lens can affect your frame selection. Generally, these lenses are bigger to cover multiple regions of focusing power.

Aspheric: Conventional lenses have the same curve across the entire surface. On the other hand, aspheric lenses have a more complex front surface that changes its curvature from the center to the edges. It allows the lenses to slim, light, and offer clear vision.

Different Materials For Glasses

Plastic: One of the most affordable options for the material of glass. It is lighter than glass, protects eyes from UV rays, and has highly scratch-resistant features to keep it durable.

Polycarbonate: It is also the type of plastic that has more impact resistance than normal plastic. Light in weight and thinner in appearance than plastic that blocks UV lights. These glasses are widely used for children’s lenses, safety lenses, and sports lenses.

Trivex: This material has high-quality optics and offers a clear vision. But the material is similar to polycarbonate and lighter than standard plastic. Also, it isn’t thin as polycarbonate.

Hi-index: Special type of plastic is used to manufacture these lenses. They help focus light in a different way than usual plastic lenses. Due to the weight factor, Hi-index lenses are more comfortable to wear and better prescriptions for patients.

Which type of Coating?

After choosing the lens and material that suits your needs, there is another factor need to look is for what purpose you need an optical service.

UV Coating: The lenses we carry have a coating layer that blocks 99% of the UV rays your eyes are exposed to.

Scratch Coating: Scratches can affect the enjoyment of viewing the surroundings and performance. So lenses must be scratch-resistant and they should have a minimum one-year warranty. There are additional services for a protective coating

Anti-Reflective Treatment: Glare is the most common problem with glasses because lens materials reflect light. To cut down glare, avoid eye strain and improve eyesight vision, there are several treatments. The others can see your eyes more clearly through an anti-reflective coat.

Transitions: Turns your lenses to sunglasses when exposed to UV light due to transition treatment. When you move inside the lenses turn clean. These transitions come in various colors including gray and brown.

Whether you’re scheduling your first routine eye exam, having a problem with your vision, or getting new glasses, the best possible solution is to take optical services. If

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