Things That Will Make Your Fluffy Pancakes Fluffier

 Things That Will Make Your Fluffy Pancakes Fluffier

Satisfying your sweet tooth is important to having a good day. But when you’re trying to eat healthier, sweets can feel like an enemy. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of tricks to make your super fluffy pancakes fluffier and more delicious than ever!

Super fluffy pancakes are one of the most classic and traditional breakfasts foods around. They’re great for special occasions, or just for treating yourself every now and then. But if you’re making pancakes for the first time, you might be a little confused about what to do and how much batter to use.

  1. Use whole milk instead of skim: Fat makes super fluffy pancakes fluffier, so don’t be shy about adding some in.
  2. Use a little vinegar and baking soda in the batter: This will help the pancakes rise as they cook.
  3. Add some mashed banana: Bananas will help add moisture to the batter and make it stick together better.
  4. Don’t flip them too early: Wait until bubbles start forming in the center before flipping your pancake, so that it has time to cook through completely on one side first!
  5. Heat up your pan with some butter in it first, then pour in the batter: Butter is another ingredient that adds fat and helps things stay fluffy!
  6. Use fresh ingredients.
  7. You can use an electric mixer on low to mix your batter instead of a whisk
  8. Separate your egg yolks and whites, then beat the whites until they’re fluffy. Fold them into the batter at the last minute to add fluffiness.
  9. Make sure your griddle or skillet is hot enough before you pour in your batter!
  10. Start with a hot pan
  11. Use a crepe batter, but call your pancakes “crepes”
  12. Try using buttermilk
  13. Toss the egg whites in there too
  14. Add a bit of corn starch or potato starch to the batter

Super Fluffy pancakes are the lifeblood of pancake day. The key to making your pancakes super fluffy is to combine the right ingredients. In this blog, we’ve shared the secrets to making the fluffiest pancakes.

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