Things to Do Before and After Carpet Cleaning Service

Has your carpet become too dirty and requires immediate cleaning from experts? Services such as mould removal, stain removal and odour removal are offered by licensed carpet cleaning companies. These services can be booked online at an affordable price. There are certain preparations that you can do before the team of certified cleaners arrives at your home. Also, there are a few points that must be kept in mind after the work is completed. By doing the following preparations, the carpet cleaning process becomes easy and the results turn out to be more effective:

Before Carpet Cleaning Canberra

1. Vacuum high traffic areas

Soil, debris and other dust particles can be easily removed by using a vacuum cleaner. This doing this task, a person can save some time of carpet cleaners. The professionals can start with their work quickly if the surface of the carpet is a bit cleaner. Whether you book commercial carpet cleaning services or residential services, this step is useful for both. In commercial places, the traffic is usually high and the carpet area is also more. It can be great if the client does this preparation before the cleaners reach the place.

2. Move lightweight furniture

It is better to remove the lightweight furniture from the area that has to be cleaned by the carpet cleaners. This ensures that no harm is caused to the expensive furniture kept in the bedroom or living room. The machines used in steam carpet cleaning Canberra and hot water extraction require space. Moving some furniture from that place can be beneficial for the carpet cleaning team.

3. Allocate safe space for pets and children

If you have kids and pets at home, shift them to a safe place. The chemicals, tools and equipment used in the cleaning process can be harmful to them. They might get an injury through the machines. Kids can even consume harsh detergents and other cleaning agents by mistake. Sometimes, kids and pets get skin allergies and breathing problems because of the carpet cleaning process. Whenever the pet stain removal experts work at your home, send the pets and kids to another place or room.

4. Take precautions for fragile and valuable items

The carpet cleaning specialists always complete their tasks carefully. But, it can be better if you remove fragile items like crockery, delicate home decor pieces and other expensive products from the cleaning site. This extra step taken by a person avoids the probability of any type of loss. If you have contacted a professional carpet cleaning services provider, try to implement this particular step.

5. Mark the points where stains are concentrated

Before the pet stain removal team start their work, note down the most affected areas from the stains. As a resident of the property, you have a complete idea about the causes of stains and places of high traffic. The team of professionals can get a direction for their cleaning work if you are able to tell them some places where stains are concentrated.

After Carpet Cleaning Canberra

1. Dry the carpet with warm air

Once the carpet cleaners are done with cleaning and drying, you can make sure that no moisture is left in the carpet. Open all the windows properly so that sunlight and sufficient airflow is received by the carpet. If you have drying equipment, then use warm air to dry the carpet.

2. Try to stay away from clean carpet

The methods like steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning Canberra do not over-wet the carpet. The floor covering dries quickly. But, it is advisable to not walk over the carpet immediately after the cleaning. Wait for one or two days so that the carpet dries properly and the shine remains intact. Walking with dirty shoes or letting the pets move on the carpet can ruin the cleanliness.

3. Don’t move the furniture back

Wait for some time before shifting the furniture on the carpet again. The scratching of furniture on the surface can leave bad marks. The furniture can also block the air and sunlight from reaching the carpet. If the certified experts have already finished the carpet hot water extraction, dry cleaning or shampooing, give some time to the carpet to dry.

4. Apply a carpet protector

Carpet protector forms a layer on the floor covering and saves it from all types of stains, dirt and dust. This layer makes it easy to wipe off the stains from the carpet. If you want the results of residential carpet cleaning Canberra to stay for a longer time, apply the carpet protector.

5. Wait for a few hours before walking on the carpet

It is recommended to wait for at least half an hour before walking on a clean and dry carpet. The experts will tell the right time to walk over the carpet as per the cleaning method used by them. Methods like carpet dry cleaning Canberra and steam cleaning do not require you to wait more. In case you have pets, kids or high traffic, it is better to give at least six hours to the carpet.

Wrapping up

Regular and excessive usage of carpet makes the carpet look dull and dirty. It is essential to book the best carpet cleaning, Canberra to get rid of various problems like stains, odour, mould and dust mites. Take care of all the things that you can do on your end to make the process smooth. These preventive measures also ensure that the impact of cleaning services remains for a long time.


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