Things You Must Avoid Putting In Your Skip

You may consider hiring a skip before moving house, or if you’re cleaning out your home. If there is anything you should not get rid of in a skip, both for personal reasons and for environmental reasons, you should be aware of them before you throw it all in.

An Overloaded Skip

Renovations, demolitions, and clear-outs generate a great deal of waste – something that’s easily underestimated. You need to take several factors into account if you want a Skip Hire Service. If not, you will overload your skip, and this can have serious consequences. In this article, you will be finding the reasons why overloading a skip is risky and what can be done to avoid overloading during your skip hire.

What You Shouldn’t Put In A Skip

The following are some things you need to watch out for:

Things That Cause Environmental Issues

Lighting, batteries, and many other household items can damage the environment and should be disposed of in a special way. This does not mean dumping them in your skip casually! Household cleaners, pesticides, anything containing lead should be avoided. Moreover, batteries and electrical products like televisions, refrigerators, mobile phones, and computers should not be thrown away in the skip because these products contain many chemicals that may pollute the environment. 

You may be able to dispose of these items at your local recycling center if your council accepts them. A fee-based collection service is also provided by some councils. Battery and cell phone recycling are widely available in many high-street stores and supermarkets.  

Anything That Contains Personal Information

As online crime increases, identity theft is becoming a more widespread problem, so you should never discard documents that contain personal or confidential information in your skip. Skip-divers are people who dig through skips to find items to use or sell. Criminals are becoming more involved as well, as many are simply looking for half-decent pieces of furniture to recycle.  

Whenever you dispose of documents that contain contact information, bank details, email addresses, or National Insurance numbers, please follow these precautions. Whether you’re putting it in your skip or your household bin, shred your CV, utility bills, bank statements, and the rest of the unopened mail. 

Other Important Things

Skips are not the appropriate place to dispose of asbestos. Specialized waste companies must dispose of asbestos after it has been handled carefully. You should keep needles and dressings out of your skip for safety reasons, including medical and biological waste. 

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How To Avoid Overloading

Be sure to completely empty the skip. Avoid overloading your skip by planning in advance and paying attention to details in order to avoid throwing anything in blindly. People tend to err on the side of underestimating their skip needs when it comes to their DIY projects, clean-out projects, or garden improvements.

Take notes on your notepad of some of the waste items or put them by the skip. Double-check the size of the skip, and if you’re uncertain, you could ask the skip provider. A lot of them have websites with frequently asked questions. For your garden job, construction project, or clearance project, this will give you an idea of the skip size you will need. Don’t choose a skip that is far too small or large, neither is a good idea.

In addition to strategically and cleverly filling your skip, you can protect it from being overfilled and overloaded.


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