Things You Should Know About Multi-Use Mode

 Things You Should Know About Multi-Use Mode

Many applications these days have been integrating multi-user mode in their application. This feature leads to multiple errors such as QuickBooks Error 6189 77, h202 in QuickBooks, etc, yet many developers insist on having it. By isolating user accounts and application data, applications allow multiple users to share a single file. For example, parents might let their children use the family tablet, a family might share a car, or a critical response team might share a mobile device for on-call duty.

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Types of Users In Multi-user Mode

Generally, while accessing a file in multi-user mode, the application offers different users access to the files. Let’s look at the type of users:- 

  • System user- This is the first user added to a file. A factory reset can only disable the system user, and it runs in the background even when other users are active. This user has additional privileges and settings that only it has access to.
  • Secondary User- They are any user other than the system user who has been added to the device. Secondary users can be deleted from a device without affecting other users. These users can run in the background while still being connected to the network.
  • Guest User- They are secondary users for the time being. When the guest user’s usefulness has expired, the guest user has the explicit choice to delete the guest user. At any given time, there can only be one guest user.
  • Admin User- A user with the ability to add and remove other users and handle some multi-user settings in general. Only the system user is an admin by default.

Types Of Profile in Multi-User Mode

You can categorise the type of profile in multi-user mode based on their permission. Let’s look at them:- 

Managed Profile- Work data and apps are stored in this folder created by an application. The profile owner only manages them. The parent user and the corp profile both have access to the launcher, alerts, and recent tasks.

Restricted Profile- Accounts are created depending on the parent user, who can choose which apps are allowed on the limited profile. Only available on tablets and televisions devices.

Multi-User Mode Behaviour

When new users are added to a file, some functionality is limited while another user is active. Because app data is divided by user, the status of those apps varies from one user to the next. Email sent to an account of a user who isn’t presently in focus, for example, won’t be available until that user and account are both active on the device. Only the system user has complete access to all other information by default.

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So this is all about multi-user mode in different applications. We hope that now you have an understanding of why developers insist on having a multi-user mode. Despite it leading to the threat of problems such as QuickBooks Error 6189 77, h202 in QuickBooks etc. it is a useful feature. If you have any doubts left, reach out to an expert at +1-(855)-955-1942 and they will answer all your queries.

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