Things you should learn about teeth whitening treatment in St Albans

 Things you should learn about teeth whitening treatment in St Albans

Teeth whitening is the best treatment to restore your perfect smile- it’s a cosmetic cure used to whiten or lighten discolored teeth. Besides, teeth whitening is an inexpensive and effective procedure that delivers immediate outcomes. 

People often go for whitening treatments to boost their self–esteem and improve their looks. The procedure is cheaper than alternatives such as veneers. 

However, the treatment outcome can vary for all patients as the tooth opacity, gloss, fluorescence, and transparency are different. While the issues of some patients require several complicated treatments, a few others can be treated easily. 

A person’s teeth color can depend on the diet, oral care routine, habits, and lifestyle. There are two different types of tooth discolorations: intrinsic and extrinsic. Extrinsic tooth stains often occur due to a person’s practices over the years.

 These stains develop on the teeth’s surface. The major causes of these stains are the consumption of beverages or dark-colored food items such as red wine, tea, curry, and coffee. The use of tobacco products may also lead to extrinsic discoloration. 

Intrinsic tooth stains are highly stubborn and occur on the teeth’s inner layer known as dentin. While the extrinsic stains can be removed easily, the intrinsic tooth stains can take a long to fade away. Intrinsic discoloration occurs due to the use of specific medications and excessive fluoride. 

How is the teeth whitening procedure carried out?

Carbamide and hydrogen are commonly used active ingredients for teeth whitening treatments. 

As per research, such chemicals on your teeth are effective and completely safe. However, these whitening agents must not be used inappropriately or excessively. Hydrogen peroxide can be absorbed by the human body quickly and safely. 

Besides, hydrogen peroxide can effectively whiten the teeth through oxidization. The human tooth is porous in nature. So, the teeth’s dentin and enamel can effectively soak teeth whitening gels consisting of peroxide. 

As a result, you can get vibrant, shining, white teeth. Most whitening treatments won’t impact your tooth enamel. Nevertheless, medicines such as bleaching can lead to tooth sensitivity and bring about numerous enamel changes- especially if the serum is kept on the teeth for long durations. 

Is teeth whitening considered safe?

Researches supported by pieces of evidence claim that both teeth whitening treatments- whether over-the-counter teeth whitening treatment or professional whitening treatment are highly effective and safe. 

However, when going for a teeth whitening treatment, the procedures should be carried out safely and appropriately. You must follow the dentist’s advice when you use the over-the-counter products or read the product’s label.

Avoid overusing whitening products or whitening gels that come with high concentrations at home. You can go to treatment for teeth whitening in St Albans for the best and most effective outcomes. 

The use of whitening gels can give rise to gum irritations, enamel erosion, and increased sensitivity. An in-office treatment is highly recommended for you.

These treatments are carried out by dentists and are free from complications. They have to be carried out after six months or one year. 

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