Three Best Small Business Ideas for Rural Entrepreneurs

 Three Best Small Business Ideas for Rural Entrepreneurs

This blog is beneficial for entrepreneurs living in small towns or villages. All the resources are easily available in the village but the youth are not taking all these as a business. This business (Best Small Business Ideas 2022) is in trend today and already there is a huge demand for all of them. All these small businesses are supported by the government. A loan and subsidy facility is duly available to start these businesses.

Any type of business should be done only with a definite plan.

Hence a project report should be prepared before starting the business. A project report is mandatory for availing benefits of various schemes by the government. Please visit this article for details about Project Report for Small Businesses and how to generate a Project Report for your Small Business?

Let us discuss the three best small business ideas for 2022 for rural entrepreneurs which can be started very easily from villages with very little investment.

Poultry farming business

Poultry farming is such a business that you can start with very little capital i.e. 50 thousand to 1 lakh. You can choose from different species ranges like a duck, broiler chicken, desi chicken, turkey, etc.

The requirement for meat and eggs is increasing day by day all over the world, so it has a huge demand in the market. In villages, it is used as a household activity. But to run it as a business you have to understand a few things.

The best thing that you can do is to visit a nearby poultry farm and understand all the activities of this business as well as the operating procedures. Government assistance is easily available for this business. You can opt for loan facilities through NABARD Bank to start this business.

NABARD bank will provide loans for the purchase of sheds, machinery, and equipment and the purchase of chicks. A detailed project report is mandatory for availing loan or availing a subsidy from the bank. This report should include all information such as the location of the firm, the management process, and the financial plan for continued operations.

You can contact us for a free project report for the poultry business plan or contact NABARD service for help. The main reason we recommend this business is that it can be easily done. The village can be started with less capital, it has a huge demand in the market and will save the marketing cost and time of the farmer or entrepreneur.

Bee-farming or Honeybee business

This business is a highly profitable business and can be done completely from the village itself. The capital required for this business is very less compared to other small businesses and the profit margin is attractive. This business is an all-weather business.

To this time people are doing this business traditionally because people are afraid to think about this business because bee bites and is wild in nature. Yes, maintenance of bee colonies And a skilled person is needed to extract the honey.

We recommend the entrepreneur go for formal training on beekeeping before starting this business. There are many beekeeping training centers across India, you can choose any one of them at your convenience. Or you can go to a nearby beekeeping firm and learn from there.

The method of collecting or harvesting honey depends on the hive you use for beekeeping. By extracting honey from the beehives, you will also get more products to benefit from it – beeswax, bee venom, honey, propolis, royal jelly, etc.

The National Bee Board in collaboration with NABARD Bank has drawn up schemes for financing the beekeeping business in India. You can visit the nearest National Bee Council office or get information from the website. Let us tell you that the government gives subsidies from 80 to 85% on beekeeping. By taking advantage of this, you can start this business.

Quality honey is an all-time requirement for the market. You need to do some marketing or you can go online to promote this Bee-farming business. You can also register yourself on the e-commerce platform for distribution and sale.

Fish farming- Fishery Farm(Fish farming Business)

Fish farming is slowly becoming one of the most profitable businesses in the Indian states. The government is implementing several programs to improve the welfare of fish farmers. It is also covered under Kisan Credit Card. Its high demand and huge profitability make this business best for young entrepreneurs.

The fish farming business is called pisciculture. It is an important sector contributing a great deal to the Indian agricultural market. Since the demand for fish as a food is increasing day by day, so many new business opportunities open up in this area today.

We choose this business for its simple maintenance and low capital requirements. Also, no such special technology is required and can be done easily from villages.

There are two ways of doing this business, that is traditional ponds or an artificial tank which can be managed in small spaces with negligible cost.

Loans are easily available by the Central Government and State Government for this business. You can get a loan of up to 75% of the capital cost to purchase. Also, this loan will provide you with an additional subsidy.

A project report is mandatory for availing of loan benefits from the bank. For details contact your nearest government bank. If you need a sample project report for this business then you can also contact us.

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