Three Featured Modern Laptops that Provide an Edge Over Desktop Computers

 Three Featured Modern Laptops that Provide an Edge Over Desktop Computers

Ever since the advent of the first computer, the technological landscape has achieved significant strides. Previously, computers were bulky in size. You couldn’t imagine carrying this machine to another room, let alone outside the house!

However, the year 1981 witnessed the emergence of laptop computers. These provided a compact option while possessing the capabilities of a desktop computer. Since then, the market has been flooded with laptops from different brands. For instance, an HP Laptop has occupied a favoured position in the laptop market, primarily due to the variety of their machines.

Apart from their compact size, what makes certain laptops so popular among the masses than the others? Here are a few reasons to help you understand why.

Power Saving Alternative

With a higher power wattage and multiple components inside, desktop computers are known to take up more power. In addition, you are more prone to lose unsaved work, with frequent power outages interrupting your flow.

In comparison, laptops offer the perfect solution for people on the go. Every device is complete with a battery that does not require constant charging. So, you can work for hours without constantly saving your tasks!

No Assembly Needed

When you think of a desktop computer, you are probably filled with thoughts about RAMs, graphic cards, monitors, and keyboards. These are purchased separately and, together, make up a computer system. Not to mention, they can also drive up the overall cost if not purchased with sufficient research.

On the other hand, laptops are some of the easiest devices to set up. Simply unbox the package, pull out the power adaptor, and lo and behold! Your laptop is ready to use.


If you are a digital artist who works mainly on virtual art, you can’t operate on a desktop computer. Laptops are flexible, allowing you to position them as per your requirements. For example, some models of an HP Laptop offer 360-degree flexibility for individuals to watch movies or work freely.

The Improvement in Modern Laptops

The market value of laptops in 2017 was a mere $101.67 billion. It was expected to grow at a 0.4% annual growth rate from 2018-2025. However, the pandemic added to the growth, with students purchasing new laptops to attend online lectures.

Modern laptops are still highly-sought after by a wide variety of groups. For example, gamers need laptops with dedicated graphics cards, while casual users emphasize the structure and smoothness of the OS.

The primary function of laptops was merely to provide a portable option. However, they have evolved and reduced the overreliance on desktop computers. The present notebook is available in multiple designs and configurations and serves different purposes. From thin and lightweight devices to bulky devices with dedicated cooling, the market continues to adapt.

The changes have resulted due to varying consumer behaviours. With the emergence of e-gaming and streaming, more creators are looking for a laptop to fulfil their requirements.

Final Thoughts

Laptops are continuing to grow and adapt to fill the ever-increasing demand. Each laptop manufacturer in the market has occupied a separate niche and caters to a specific group.

Irrespective of future trends, it is safe to say that innovation will drive the market. So, work out your requirements and invest in a laptop now!

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