Top 9 Tricks and Tips for Makeup on Close Set Eyes

 Top 9 Tricks and Tips for Makeup on Close Set Eyes

If you people are worried about having close set eyes, then don’t worry. We have made makeup easier for you. Here we are going to share easy tips and tricks for close set eyes. These tricks are simple. All you need to do is to give a simple technique to give the desired look. We want you to create an illusion of a bigger space between eyes for flawless makeup. Have a look

Use primer

Eye shadow primer is a must thing to do, especially when you have close set eyes. It will make your eye makeup more precise, and while doing makeup, you won’t have any issues. Apply eye makeup primer before eyeshadow or eyeliner but right after the BB/CC or tinted moisturizer. It will make your eye makeup long-lasting and smudge-proof.

Use concealer daily

It’s essential to hide the dark under-eye circles, and concealer must be used daily. Don’t cover them completely with concealer. Just take a little amount of concealer in the darkest area of dark circles. Just blend it well before the right makeup tricks and tips for close set eyes.

Apply light eyeshadow at inner corners

If you were using darker shades over the eyelids, stop it now and apply light eye shadows for the inner corners of your eyes. This is one of the effective makeup tricks for close set eyes. If you want something darker, use white and go for light blues to create the same effect.

Extend the outer corners of eyebrows

People with the right eyebrow shape would have great benefits for close set eyes. A wide arch can make a big difference. Extend the eyebrows with a good brow pencil and always pay close attention to the outer corners of the eyebrows. It gives good results to your eyes.

Always use darker shade at outer corners of eyes

Smokey eye makeup usually looks good on every woman. When you can’t get the Smokey effect on the whole eyelid, focus on the outer corners of your eyes. Apply lighter shade at inner corners such as silver gold for an illuminating effect. You can also use an illuminating powder at the inner of the eyes for a more authentic look.

Blend eyeshadows correctly

Blending eye makeup is necessary, and this is one of the best makeup techniques for close set eyes. It’s totally up to you on how many eye shades you apply. Make sure it ranges from light at the inner corners to darker at the outer ones. Blend it well every time to get the right results. 

Use false lashes

False lashes would enhance the eye look and give a powerful effect. Use cluster lashes at the outer corner of the eyes. It would look good and is one of the effective techniques to make your eyes look bigger.

Apply mascara correctly

Do you know the way you apply mascara also affects the eye makeup look? We are going to share the best makeup tricks for close set eyes. Once you have applied the same amount of mascara all over the lashes, apply more at the outer corners of the eyes. Brown will look good but for bigger improvement. Stick to black volumizing mascara. 

Go for light eyeliner

Don’t apply thick eyeliner. Just go for the light at the inner corners of your eyes. Don’t skip because it would help to create the perfect eye look. Make sure you have connected the upper and lower lashes lines perfectly at the outer corner of the eyes. 

These are the tips and tricks for close set eyes makeup. If you haven’t followed any tips and tricks before, do follow these because this is something that makes your eyes beautiful and gives an illuminating effect to makeup.


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