Tips for Saving on Custom Boxes

You probably already know by now that custom packaging can bring a unique edge to your product. Custom product packaging boxes do a great job of leveraging your particular branding. It can be made to suit whatever design or colour scheme you desire. Custom packaging also helps your product to stand out from other, more generic looking competitor packaging. You also get to flex your creative muscle with custom packaging. You and your team can work together to figure out exactly what aesthetic message will appeal most to customers.

However, you may have avoided custom packaging for one common reason. Many people worry about the cost of custom packaging. The good news, is that there are many ways that you can minimize the cost of custom packaging. By making some strategic choices, you can save on custom product packaging boxes, while still getting a beautiful result.

Some Tips to Help you Save Money on Custom Packaging

Packaging Size

Tip number one, is for you to be smart about size usage. Of course, you are going to want to pick the size that suits your custom product packaging needs. However, there is no need for you to blow your budget on overuse of materials. You can greatly benefit from using some small tweaks to maximize affordability. For example, you should consider investing in more minimal packaging.

You do not need to splash out on much bigger product packaging than needed. If your product is smaller, opt for packaging just big enough to hold it safely. This will also help you to keep your packaging eco-friendlier. There is just no need for you to overpackage products. Sleek, minimal packaging can be just as luxe as, or more, than overpackaging.

Material Choice

Tip number two, is to be choosy about the materials of your product packaging boxes. This is another way to boost affordability. Certain materials will be affordable. Affordable also does not mean lower quality. You can create great custom packaging with more affordable materials, such as corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is versatile, and can be used many ways in packaging. Corrugated cardboard is sturdy and secure. Cardboard can also be shaped into many different types of packaging with less effort.

A Trusted Partner

Tip number three, is that you should pick a quality packaging company who can work with your budget. Here at Coleman Containers, we make quality cosmetic packaging boxes. We understand that cosmetic packaging accounts for a lot of the customer experience of cosmetic products. Good quality and aesthetically appealing packaging can help to elevate your brand. So, we product good quality, protective, and sustainable packaging. We will work with you to create exactly the custom packaging that you need. In fact, you can even request a quote from us on our website.

Learn more about how Coleman Containers can fulfill your packaging needs by contacting us today!

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