Tips To Consider For On-Page SEO

 Tips To Consider For On-Page SEO

Nothing is certain in this world but you can predict your success while doing business online. The era where we are living now is an era of digital transformation and digitalization. So, if you want to be a part of a digital world then shift your passion for this digital world that is connected via the internet.

You are doing online business and you want to be successful, right? If you are not visible then no matter what you are selling you won’t be able to compete in this digital world. In order to get visible, come up with marketing techniques. The most robust yet time taking procedure that can make you more visible is SEO.

We are not going to tell you what SEO means because we assume you have already known about it. SEO has many kinds and we do SEO to optimize our store for Google to rank on its SERP results. There are on-page, off-page, technical and local SEO. In this article, we mainly focus on on-page SEO.

High-Quality Content:

High-quality content is the backbone of on-page SEO. Your content should be unique and of high quality. Your content should have optimized keywords and answers about your product that may be asked by your intended customers in the future. So, highly optimized content with all the answers and of high quality can boost your on-page SEO instantly.

Create content that is exclusive to your website, even if you have made the content. But if you have published it for some other purpose then don’t publish it for your website. Even if you are interested in publishing images and videos won’t let them go without any descriptions and text. Furthermore, don’t publish your content for the sake of publishing, before that make sure that it shall add value and your content must be well researched.

Lately, your content must satisfy 4 search intents such as informational intent like how many continents in the world, navigational intent, transactional and commercial intent.

Work on your Meta’s:

You need to know how Google actually works. When Google reads your page it reads out your meta description and titles. Google does that because it wants to know what your page is for.

Add keywords in your meta titles, when you add keywords to your page title then it would help Google to know what your page is intended for this specific keyword. 60 characters are enough to write your meta title. In order to increase your page click-through rate, you must add numbers and make them interesting by adding some words like amazing, surprising, ultimate, etc.

You must also add a description that is not more than 200 characters for each page, category, and sub-categories. Make them useful and add specific keywords otherwise, Google shall add its automated meta description.  

These are the most important tips to consider that have the power to elevate your website ranking on SERP results. If you are doing business on an e-commerce platform like BigCommerce and you feel difficulty in doing its SEO then we would recommend you to hire a professional BigCommerce seo optimization agency for your online store.

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