Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking for Blinds That Suit You

 Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking for Blinds That Suit You

Blinds and folds are considered the best window treatment nowadays. Their elegant look, ability to control the amount of light per your requirement, and ease of operation make them worth installing at your home and workplace. While choosing blinds for your home, there are certain things you need to consider. Read through this complete guide to know the essential things that you should know while looking for blinds.

9 Tips to Look for Blinds that suit your home


Understand the purpose of installing blinds at your place. Some people choose window blinds to add beauty to their interior décor, while others opt for it to boost the functionality of the place. Choose blinds that best suit your lifestyle. Do you want an elegant look, privacy or light control? All these questions will play a crucial role in decision-making.

Consider Window Shape and Size:

The most crucial thing to consider while choosing blinds for your window is selecting the right size and shape. Take proper measurements of your window and always keep in mind that the choice you make should complement the windows. For instance, Roman blinds will go with smaller windows, while vertical blinds will best suit expansive windows.

Apart from size and shape, consider the direction your window is facing. For instance, west- and south-facing windows reflect sunlight, so you can go with weather-appropriate blinds and can reduce heating and cooling costs.

Choose the Right Style and Colour:

Always give preference to your taste while shopping for window blinds. Choose the right style and colour, which will suit your windows and surrounding décor.

Home Interior Decoration:

For the perfect result, your window treatment should complement your interior decors. Thankfully, with window blinds, you have a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from. If your room has a natural tone, choosing sober colour blinds can make the space more elegant.

Choose a Suitable Material:

There is a wide variety of window treatments in the market nowadays. You need to choose a material, which will be suitable for your place. For instance, for an area that is more exposed to sunlight, you should consider Roman blinds, roller blinds, or other blinds made up of fabric with a white or reflecting backing. For bathrooms and other wet places, you should opt for faux wood roller blinds, vertical blinds, or Venetians, which are moisture resistant.

Privacy And Light:

Choose window treatments based on the amount of light you want to allow inside your room or the level of privacy you want. If you want to block UV rays totally or want to let natural light inside your room, cellular shades or aluminium blinds will be the best bet; however, if privacy and light are not your concern, choose blinds made up of sheer fabrics.


If you have children or any pets at your home, safety will be your topmost priority. Here, it would be best if you chose cordless blinds and shades, which are safe. As the name suggests, these window treatments have cords that make them safe and easy to operate.

Easy to Maintain:

Usually, blinds don’t require a ton of maintenance. Most of them need dusting and occasional deep cleaning if they get grimy or dirty. However, a few blinds need extra care while cleaning to avoid damaging the material. Go for blinds, which are easy to maintain and clean. Vertical, roller, and honeycomb are a few blinds that are easy to maintain.


Fix your budget before you start shopping. Window blinds are priced according to window size. For instance, larger window blinds will be costlier than small window blinds. If your budget is a bit high, go for customized, motorized blinds. On the other hand, if your budget is limited, go with ready-made blinds as they are less expensive and best suit your budget.

While choosing blinds for windows of your living room, consider the room’s décor, space, window size, privacy, and the amount of light you want to allow in your living room. To add a traditional touch, choose wood blinds as they can complement almost every décor. And if you are unable to afford wood blinds, go with faux wood that resembles wood blinds and is less expensive. And faux blinds don’t fade quickly and are suitable for moist or overheated places. They are easy to clean and can last long.

If privacy and light control is your top priority, go with vertical or panel blinds as they look perfect on a window of any size. They can go well with sliding glass doors and patio doors as well. Both these blinds are available in different colours and materials.

By keeping the above thoughts in mind, you will surely enjoy upgrading your home and with these tips, you can create a cosy, stylish feel for every room in your home.

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