Tips to Naturally Regrow Hair: Natural Hair Loss Remedies

 Tips to Naturally Regrow Hair: Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss is one of those situations we hope never to experience ourselves. Although it doesn’t affect your physical health, it is known to be very pressing to mental health, so it is important to find natural hair loss remedies

A common misconception is that hair loss affects only men, however, both men and women can experience it. According to The Hair Society, approximately 56 million people in the US struggle with hair loss

Hair loss, like everything else in the world, comes in many different shapes and sizes and is caused by an abundance of things. Causes can be hormonal, age, hereditary, or medically related, such as thyroid, medicine, chemo, and Covid-19 hair loss. Believe it or not, hair loss may even be a little more niche, such as bodybuilding and the area you live in!

Can Hair Loss Be Reversed?

The short answer is yes, to an extent. There is a point of no return. This is why it is important to tackle hair loss in the early stages. Once a follicle completely dies out, it can never be regrown. So targeting DHT before it kills the follicle completely is crucial. 

So, the big question is what are some natural hair loss remedies? Is there a natural hair loss shampoo that works for all causes?

But First… What is Hair Loss?

Before we dive into natural hair loss remedies, it is important to understand what hair loss is and how it is caused. The main cause of hair loss is a natural hormone called DHT. When testosterone interacts with a 5 AR enzyme, it converts to DHT. And yes, women have testosterone too! It can even be more prominent in older women.

DHT builds up around the hair follicles and causes inflammation. These inflamed stem cells then cause the hair to progressively thin and eventually die out. It is important to note that once a follicle dies completely, it can never regrow hair again. Don’t worry too much though. This takes time, which means you have time to prevent overall hair loss. (Picture Mr. Clean as the point of no return.) 

So, the solution here is simple: use a natural hair loss shampoo that cleanses the hair follicles of DHT before all follicles completely die out. 

What Are Some Natural Hair Loss Remedies?

The first step to hair growth is by creating a healthy scalp environment. Zenagen Revolve is a shampoo treatment and conditioner duo that cleanses the scalp and creates a clean environment for hair to grow in. The award-winning formula works to cleanse existing DHT and prevents future DHT build-up. Unlike other hair loss shampoos, Zenagen Revolve can reach the deepest layer of the hair follicle, which optimizes the scalp environment for thicker, fuller growing hair.

It is important not to forget about the conditioner! Revolve conditioner is responsible for 20% of results, making it just as important as the shampoo. The duo is perfect for all hair types for those experiencing hair loss and shedding, or those wanting to be proactive. The Revolve system is so effortless and easy to use, taking only 5 minutes every other day. 

Thickening Hair Serum

The Thickening Hair Serum is a daily hair growth serum that can be used as a bonus product to the Revolve system, or as a stand-alone product. Like Revolve, the Thickening Hair Serum utilizes the natural healing power of plants to neutralize free radicals.

Offer anti-aging benefits, soothe scalp inflammation, and target hair loss at the source. It has been clinically proven to have 78% activation of the hair follicle, creating denser hair in only 3 months. The easy-to-use serum has a watery consistency and when applied, it absorbs into the skin without leaving behind residue. 

The Thickening Hair Serum features adaptipure ingredients. This means the ingredients used in the serum are extracted using a high-quality, cold press system. This results in the ingredients being in the top 1% for potency, quality, and effectiveness. One of the newest growth ingredients we use is pumpkin seed extract. Used for more than pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin seed extract protects the follicle and promotes thickness.

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Why Choose Natural Hair Loss Remedies Over Medical?

There is a reason we recommend natural hair loss shampoo over other remedies. Medical-based treatments are not for everyone. Medical-based treatments can have physical and psychological side effects. Physical side effects include chemical and alcohol burns to the scalp. Zenagen products, however, are natural and actually promote hydration and scalp health.

Psychological side effects can include depression. Plant based products, such as Zenagen’s, are more therapeutic and compatible with vegan lifestyles. Zenagen’s natural hair loss shampoo uses a patented green tea delivery system to ensure the best possible results. Between the plant-based formula and unique technology, Zenagen products are a much safer alternative to other hair loss treatments. 

Where Can I Find These Natural Hair Loss Remedies?

Visit to learn more about hair loss and hair loss remedies. You can purchase on their website, or visit their salon locator to find a salon in your area that carries Zenagen.

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