Tips to Prepare for Your Biometrics Appointment

Many applications submitted to USCIS demand a thorough background check of the individual applicant prior to adjudication and/or interview. USCIS does this by electronically fingerprinting applicants to get their biometric data, which is then used to conduct a criminal and immigration records check. 
For many people, the thought of having their fingerprints taken is terrifying.The biometrics procedure should be simple for those who are ready, nevertheless. An Application Support Center (ASC) in your region handles all biometric appointments. There is no need to be anxious, so you should attempt to maintain your composure. You have not been picked out for any special reason; a background check is a requirement for almost all applicants for any kind of immigration aid. You won’t likely spend more than 30 minutes at the ASC since the procedure itself just takes a few minutes. However, we advise that you allot around an hour for the procedure as a whole.

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The Overall Procedure

Your biometrics appointment letter will come with a detailed list of needed papers from USCIS. You should show your notice to a designated staff member when you come for your appointment so they may give you a form to fill out. Your government-issued ID and any immigration-related paperwork will be requested by the ASC representative. In most cases, when your name is called, you will be taken to a separate location to have your biometrics taken. Your prints are rolled onto a computer screen to do this. After that, your fingerprints are put into groups and sent electronically to the databases of many government agencies.

The ASC technician will then stamp your biometrics appointment notification, which acts as proof that you followed the requirement, supposing all of your paperwork is in order and your fingerprints were properly submitted electronically. If your fingerprints were hard to read or otherwise not good enough, you will have to try again at a different time.

Advice for Your Biometrics Consultation

•Be sure to thoroughly read the USCIS appointment notification so you are aware of what to bring and what to leave at home.

• Inform a friend or family member of your biometrics appointment’s date, time, and location, and ask them to kindly remind you a day or two ahead of time to avoid missing it.

• Except in extreme cases, DO NOT try to reschedule your appointment.

•If you fail to show up for your planned biometrics appointment, your application will be deemed abandoned.

• Dress appropriately for the workplace to project a professional image to ASC personnel.

Show up 15 minutes early for your appointment.

• The ASC technician will need to see your original government-issued identification as well as all immigration-related documentation to verify your identity and immigration status (examples include your original passport, I-94 card, driver’s license, and/or I-551 card).Make sure to bring these items with you.

• Maintain a professional demeanour while acting naturally.

• If you don’t understand a question posed by the ASC staff, don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat themselves.

• If you have rough hands or shallow fingerprint ridges, we recommend purchasing “Corn Huskers” lotion, which is available at many drugstores, and using it on your hands several times a day before your appointment.

For inclusion in your file, kindly send a copy of the stamped notification to our office.

Most importantly, we implore you to get in touch with us to arrange a consultation if you have any worries prior to the interview.

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