Tips To Prevent Your Kitchen Exhaust System From Being Clogged Up

 Tips To Prevent Your Kitchen Exhaust System From Being Clogged Up

The kitchen exhaust system is a vital element of the kitchen. Of course, it is true and essential, especially when you often engage in cooking the food that generates a huge amount of heat. These exhaust systems and range hoods are available in varieties of shapes, sizes, functionalities, and designs.

The installation and use of such appliances are quite easy. However, what is challenging of all is keeping the appliances working properly, and it is all possible with effective maintenance. 

The kitchen exhaust system comprises components like motors, filters, exhaust ducts, etc. All these parts require proper cleanliness and maintenance to perform effectively. It is so because of the grease, debris, smoke, and dirt accumulation on the exhaust systems. Here, leaving these parts unaddressed can degrade their functioning or may stop working at all. 

Thinking about how to maintain your kitchen exhaust? We have covered the simple tips for you below. 

Best Tips To Get Rid Of The Clogging Of The Kitchen Exhaust System

Regular Filters Clean-Up

The filter-clean-ups depend on what type of filters the system has. Some are dishwasher-safe and some are not. In case the metal filters are not safe for dishwashers, immerse them into water-safe vessels. Add some hot water and the degreasing solution. Furthermore, add some baking soda and let the solution sit. This will make the grease dissolve. Now, take a scrub and gently wipe off all the grease leftover. 

Once the filter is free of all the dirt, dip it in hot water. Now utilize the microfiber rag to dry it. Ensure they are well-dried. 

Moreover, if the kitchen exhaust system has charcoal filters, replacing them instead of cleaning them will be a helpful solution. We suggest you renew it after two months every time or immediately once you notice its effectiveness is reducing.  

Fan Blades Cleaning

There is usually an accumulation of oil and dust on the fan blades. This can badly impact the performance of the kitchen exhaust system and load the motor with dirt extremely. 

Therefore, it is important to do kitchen exhaust cleaning which can maintain the functioning of the devices efficiently. Clean the fan blades regularly which will prevent the burning of the motor. 

For instance, if you are removing the dirt from the range hood, firstly, switch it off. Wait until it cools down and is free to touch. Now, using the soft cloth and soap solution, wipe up the fan blades. Next, cleanse again with the help of a clean cloth and water. 

Be mindful of the electric components of the appliance, light bulbs, and electric motor housing. Besides this, another solution for cleansing the fan blades is a mixture of ammonia and water. So, carefully clean, wipe up, and dry the blades before use. This is how you can keep the fan blades running smoothly and efficiently.

Motor Replacement

Usually, a fan motor has great durability and requires less upkeep, but still one needs to check it often during cleaning. There may be the possibility of getting exposed to dirt, grease, and extreme humidity which can poorly reduce its performance.

Grease and grime generally accumulate on the blower wheel which one can wipe up using a degreaser cleaning product. Even if it does not give any expected results, replace your motor right away. 

Checking The Vents

When you find the airflow or exhaust system restricted, you are required to check the vent. Much accumulation of the grease can further impact the performance. In addition, this generates fire hazards. Therefore, it becomes essential to get the removal of grease done by the professionals. 

Clean The Exhaust Itself

It is not simple to clean the filters as grime and grease can take place on the other portions of the kitchen exhaust system too. So, cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan should also be on the weekly to-do list. 

Use a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap together. Now, take a plastic bristle brush to wash the extractor fan and its parts. You can utilize paper towels to reduce the bulk of grime first. Another solution one can try is baking soda, warm water, and ammonia. But remember to wear protective equipment so that you do not inhale any fumes. 

After cleaning it thoroughly, ensure it gets dry well utilizing a paper towel and also air dry them. 

Go For Troubleshooting

To look over the performance of the vent, opting for troubleshooting will be the most promising idea. It helps to diagnose what problem your appliance is facing. So, the effective way for performing the test is by cutting the newspaper and keeping it above the vent.

Your appliance is working properly, only if the vent pulls up the newspaper piece. 

Use The Appliances Appropriately

A range hood is the most powerful electrical appliance. So, ensure you are using it appropriately while cooking. Do not overuse the machine settings instead utilize it as per your cuisine requirements. 

So, use the low machine setting, in case you are preparing the small dishes which produce less heat and steam. However, if you’re stir-frying food, keeping the setting at high will be enough to pull up all the oil. 

Thus, it’s a must to utilize the correct machine setting that will reduce unnecessary extracting of heat. Consequently, it will lead to effective motor performance.

Learn The Preventive Measures

Precautions are the right measures. So, learn about preventive actions to avoid the problems before they occur. To boost the longevity of the kitchen exhaust system, one requires to be cautious about important facts. 

Firstly, ensure that you go through the operational manual properly which consists of instructions on how to maintain the appliance. Secondly, make sure to get all the exhaust systems installed by the professionals only which will help to prevent any issues in the future. 

Cleaning and keep checking the crucial elements of the appliances are very necessary as we already mentioned above. Most importantly, when you are not using the appliance, switch it off as it will prevent the motor load. 

With good motor performance, a kitchen exhaust system will work properly for many years. 

Summing Up

From preventing excessive cooking heat and steam to protecting the cupboards from grease, a kitchen exhaust system plays a significant role. Therefore, it’s everyone’s responsibility to maintain it. 

You’ll feel satisfied that you took the effort to maintain the appliances which in turn will give good performance. This way, one can prevent clogging and make the kitchen exhaust system last longer. 

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