To wear or not to wear: Curly Hair Extensions

Everyone has wished we had locked Rapunzel-like long and beautiful hair at least once in their lifetimes. We’ve most certainly thought about how you might achieve this sort of mass volume hair. While we wait for our life-changing lashes to come in, why not opt for some curly I-tip hair extensions? Curly micro link hair extensions are a go-to staple that the ladies of True Glory Hair.

Sometimes, people are too eager to have certain products, which happened when hair extensions came into being. Best curly hair extensions can be great to your looks, but as time passes, they don’t always work out. 

Let’s look at the cons of using curly hair extensions before and after to help ourselves.

Curly hair extensions

Become Cinderella with Extensions

Curly hair extensions sew in can be awesome, but you should remove your clip-in before the clock strikes midnight. Hair extensions for curly hair cannot be left in for an extended period because they could damage your hair.

Another thing, ladies, blonde curly hair extensions should be moved frequently. While they’re a favorite because they’re commitment-free, every head of curly human hair extensions is different and requires special care. Some hair types are more fragile and are not suitable for wearing this product for extended amounts of time. Your delicate curly clip in human hair extensions also need the occasional break from such weighty accessories.

Curly hair extensions

Curly Hair Extensions: The Sandwich Method

The process is the same, minus a few things. You can use silicone-based oils and cream on your kinky curly hair extensions for a couple of days. As long as you’ve left a gap of at least 24-48 hours for the glue to dry. In addition, do not to wash your hair during this period. Since washing hair with water and shampoo will pull out the kinky curly clip in hair extensions’ adhesive. So make sure you massage some dry shampoo into your scalp during these two days. Once the curly hair extensions have dried completely, add one last layer of barrel curls. Add around each strand using curling iron wand and let it cool off before removing curly clip in hair extensions.

Curly hair extensions

It’s A Case For Specialist!

curly tape in hair extensions are popular for those women with natural hair looking for new, thicker hairstyles. Many prefer their weaves to last more than 1-2 weeks, and this is a cheaper organic alternative than the glue-ins. Don’t last too long, and can harm your real hair in the long run. Our top choice was these natural curly hair extensions. It consisted of soft, beautiful curls that could be easily straightened or curled back up!

Furthermore, avoid heavy styling products because they leave residues behind even after thorough washing because of their viscosity. Finally, wearing sew-in hair extensions that aren’t heat-friendly can intensify inflammation. If tools like curling irons or flat irons come into contact with it every day.

Curly hair extensions


curly hair ponytail extension are normally put in by a professional. Although some women also opt for DIY methods such as washing and conditioning them in the shower. Whatever hairstyle you go for, remember that just because there may be drawbacks. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any benefits – so don’t neglect to consider this when making your choices!

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