Top 10 bespoke restaurant mobile app features

 Top 10 bespoke restaurant mobile app features

Once, we had to get ready and go through the house’s entryway to enjoy good food. Though mobile app or travelling to your café wasn’t something excruciatingly embarking. It’s all due to the ambience you envision that kept your worrisome off the plates. But now it’s something more. The delicious food la-di-da digital mobile app has elevated the whole experience, apart from the relishing atmosphere. You can now have the entire Chef’s kitchen experience directly from the tables. Sitting laid-back on your chairs and swiping and sliding through the mobile app loaded with dishes. How amazing is that, right?!

Therefore, it is the primary reason food business owners are now adding digital magic to their dining routines. For this, you can also hire a mobile app development company. Reputable software houses are famous for providing prized phone applications for your pantry-table dealings.

First, you got the state-of-the-art POS terminals. The point of sale checkpoints ensures the smooth running of receptions and food orders from tables to kitchens. The other type of restaurant business provides dedicated mobile apps to customers. These custom-built café order applications are loaded with different practicable sauces. Refining the best ones out of the lot niceties, we get the following top ten “awesome sauce” mobile app features:

1. Your restaurant’s mobile app E-Menu

Your food menu is the heart of your customized restaurant mobile app features. Make sure to list every starter, main course, and dessert in the e-menu. Do not forget to add lip-smacking visuals so that customers can foresee their cravings for every mouthful and tasting bit. Discuss your set menu’s layout with a professional mobile developer at Logo Symmetry. You can also hire a food photographer and let him click every plate one by one. Else, buy stunning stock images, including household and intercontinental cuisines. Add unique elements to heighten up your mobile app’s restaurant menu eloquence.

2. Food delivery options

Many customers feel reluctant to visit your place. It happens when your eating site is pretty off their routes. Hence, adding food delivery services in the mobile app will do wonders. It will be fruitful equally as your traditional eatery’s dine-in experience. Besides getting your bespoke café mobile app done, hire a few delivery guys to keep the dish deliveries momentum going.

3. Table reservations options with timely ‘sitting space’ availability options

Probably one of the best options you can instruct into your restaurant’s custom-built mobile app. Do not forget to provide a drone-view map of your café’s sitting area. Your expected customers should be able to choose their favourite spots. For instance, you can allot window tables for families, central tables for friends, and cozy corners for couples. Ensure tables are available at all times. Thus, hire mobile app managers to expedite table reservations for your customers.

4. Personalized dish’s dashboard with cooking suggestions

How about you add an app space where people can eat their food. Of course, they will not wash the dishes after their meals are over. Instead, provide them with a customizable platter where they can try out their granny and mom’s recipes. You can also offer an all-greens option for vegan food lovers or those who follow strict diet plans.

5. Clients food reviews

Your app should consist of clients’ appraisals for your delicious food menu. Besides, you cannot expect long queues outside your restaurant if you don’t include your customers’ feedback. If you’re unwilling to add this feature to your app, then put taste testers on the table. 

6. Add artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the restaurant’s app

Use AI tools and encourage machine learning for your custom-built . Soon, it will automatically pick up customers’ moods, eating habits, and palate inclinations. Sprinkle the exotic salt and pepper to heighten your smartphone application’s serviceability.

7. Dedicated mobile app payment options

Provide separate payment options to each of your guests. Divide the payment panel into sections where each dish is designated to customers who ordered it. Also, they can use unique QR codes in the restaurant’s mobile app to specify their ordered meals.

8. Miscellaneous mobile app services

Sponsoring with a car hiring service like Uber and Curb is a great idea. Not every customer owns a car, right. Therefore, it’s better to end their excellent food experience with a laid-back ride back home. You can also settle commissions and profits with the commute companies accordingly.

9. Customers’ loyalty program

Cater dishes and your devotion to your favorite customers that visit you often. You can award them food freebies, an unlimited supply of starters, buy-one-get-one selections, and discounts. Further, you can also create a last-one-to-eat-pays-the-bill game to keep thrills and chills going alongside plates.

10. Push notifications

Your bespoke mobile app should be able to send instant messages to customers. Remind them about the best dishes you have under the roof. Also, send them alerts for new cuisine additions and sweet specials (desserts) you’re offering.

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