Top 10 Flowers that You Should include in Bouquet in Winters

 Top 10 Flowers that You Should include in Bouquet in Winters

When the winter season is talked about flower is not the first thing to come to mind. But, what if special occasions on which flowers can be gifted fall on winter season. Here in the blog top 10 winter flowers are shared that can make a great bouquet. So, whether you need flowers for love & romance or flowers for a formal occasion, you can choose to gift them.

Here is the collection of the top 10 flowers:


Amaryllis are the top holiday flowers. They are available in different colors and shades of red and white. This small genus of flowering bulbs is available in the beautiful shade of white and red. They can be purchased as bare or planted bulbs. They are valued for their trumpet-shaped flowers born on about one to two-foot leafless stalks. They are beautiful looking and can cheer up anyone. It is indeed a great choice for bouquets made for winter.

Sweet Peas

These are the most romantic flowers and can be gifted for the important occasions of your special someone. They have delicate petals and hence great care is needed for making bouquets from them. These flowers are short-lived cut flowers that last for 4-5 days in a bouquet. You can add sugar or preservatives to make them last for a long time. They symbolize blissful pleasure and are meant for good wishes. 


Ranunculus are soft floral-like peonies and they exactly look the same. They look exactly the same as rose and peonies. They are available in multiple layers of delicate and crepe paper-thin petals that look like Origami Masterwork. They are longer-lasting cut flowers and are available in multi-colored petals. A large number of perennials from Europe and Asia are Ranunculus. They are available in a wide variety of colors and are a star are a perfect choice for winter bouquets. 


Carnations are excellent flowers that are often underappreciated. They are unappreciated but they continue to bloom and thrive all through the winter months. They are available in a wide variety of colors and can be gifted to the special someone to make him/her feel delighted. You can expect to find them in abundance during the winter months. They are available in different colors and their beauty is worth appreciating. They can steal your heart with their flawless beauty and captivating looks. 

Gerbaria Daisies:

These flowers are difficult to style because most couples do not want their florals to appear too vibrant. These flowers are known for their beauty and pleasant smell and hence bouquets made up of Gerbaria Daisies give you a classic feel which can make the recipient feel delighted. These are some of the top choices for flower bouquets of the winter season. 


Gardenias are known for their fragrance and they are a perfect fit for the winter season bouquets. Bouquets made up of Gardenias are favorites for the winter season wedding whether formal or informal. Loved for their intoxicating fragrance and attraction, these flowers are waxy, creamy white, and can make the entire bouquet look immensely pleasing. If you want to send love & romance flowers, you can Gardenias.


Tulips are often associated with the spring season. But, their season begins in the winter actually. They are another popular choice for winter bouquets since they have the ability to transform the various types of wedding styles and can prove to be beautiful centerpieces. They are very elegant and pleasant-smelling. 


Anemones are exclusively a wintertime bloom. Their white color and dark black centers are just perfect for industrial and modern weddings. They can be paired with deep-hued calla lilies to make a sophisticated bouquet. Gardeners call them windflowers. They are delicate poppy-like flowers that belong to the Ranunculaceae family and are a preferred choice due to their beauty and pleasant smell. 

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are similar to orchids and they are a favorite choice for winter weddings because of their timeless elegance and beauty. They look very pretty in Boutonnieres and a single bloom with all greenery is enough to make a bouquet for winter weddings. Although they are not true lilies they appear the same and have a pleasant smell. 


Orchids are one top choice for making bouquets for formal occasions and for classic weddings. Orchids have a waxy tube-like structure which is also called a column. This column is a fusion of female and male organs. 

Bottom Line

If you want to send a love & romance bouquet in the winter season, rose can be a good choice. So, do not think that twinter season means a dearth of flowers, you can get some really good choices if you conduct an online survey. 


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