Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Tokyo

 Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Tokyo

Tokyo is a city like no other. Indeed, you can go to exhibition halls, sanctuaries, and eat at one of the thousands of scrumptious eateries, however, you can likewise do things you can’t do elsewhere. You can also have a look at the unusual things to do in Waco for your dreamy vacation.

We have had some odd encounters in this gigantic city and invest our energy feeling stunned, captivated, and 100% safe. 

  1.  Cosplay Go-karting 

Taking on the appearance of your number one character and driving a go-kart in the city of Tokyo is everything thing you can manage in Tokyo. Indeed, you drive a little go-kart among vehicles, transports, and trucks on the genuine roads of Tokyo! 

Our visit was from 7 am – 6 pm, so we encountered the evening brilliant light, dusk, and neon lights once it was dim. A feature with an unimaginable perspective on the Tokyo horizon was driving the monster Rainbow Bridge at max throttle (60 kmph and you feel it in a go-kart). 

  1. Tokyo Disney 

It might appear to be pointless to go through a day at Disney in your Tokyo trip, however, DisneySea is not normal for some other Disney park on the planet (and potentially the best). 

The nautical amusement park has seven ports enlivened by genuine areas and legends of the sea, including the American waterfront, Mediterranean Harbor (which resembles Italy), the Arabian Coast, and the special puzzling island, complete with volcanic ejections. 

  1.  Robot Restaurant 

Robot Restaurant isn’t a café and there are relatively few robots, yet this show is perhaps the most irregular thing in Tokyo. 

The enthusiastic and absolutely crazy exhibitions incorporate robots, mythical beasts, ninjas, blue-haired artists, frightening comedians, guitarists on swings, drums, loads of neon lights, and truly sharp music. 

  1. TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum 

The Digital Art Museum TeamLab Borderless is quite possibly the most Instagram-commendable thing in Tokyo. Yet, this surprising intelligent gallery merits visiting, regardless of whether you are not intending to take the ideal photograph. 

This is not normal for any spot we have visited previously. There is no guide on the grounds that looking is essential for the fun — you stroll around in dull passageways and haphazardly pick ways to investigate vivid presentations that utilization lights and projections inventively. 

  1.  Ghibli Museum 

A large portion of the exhibitions and short activities are in Japanese, however, it is still nice to see the props and drawings of exemplary movies like Spirited Away and My Neighbor, Totaro. 

At the point when we visited there was an extraordinary show on the food eaten by the characters of the movies. The tender loving care is shocking in each second of movies. 

  1.  Harajuku 

Harajuku is the young neighborhood of Tokyo, with Takeshita Street at its middle. 

It becomes amazingly busy at end of the week, however, it merits meandering around to see cosplay kids, peruses curious design stores, and eat from one of the famous crepe stands – crepe loaded down with a cut of cheesecake, anybody? 

  1. Sensoji Temple 

Sensei is a Buddhist sanctuary in Asakusa, perhaps the most customary spaces of Tokyo where you can in any case discover old wooden shops in the midst of the solid. 

The energetic Lal Mandir becomes busy, however, you can meander from the nurseries and run into one of the peaceful sanctuaries. Make certain to tell about your destiny in the primary region and cover yourself with daylight for best of luck. 

  1.  Ota Memorial Museum of Art 

The Ota Memorial Museum in Harajuku is a little exhibition with lovely ukiyo-e, changing presentations of Japanese woodblock prints. 

We were fortunate to see a day and a half of Mount Fuji by Hokusai including the renowned Great Wave from Kanagawa. 

  1.  Shinjuku Goan National Park 

This lovely park is at its best when the cherry blooms are blossom or the pre-winter leaves become red, yet even toward the finish of summer, we appreciated a walk around the lakes, pagodas, and teahouses. There are Japanese, French, and English nurseries. 

  1. How’s Food 

Kaiseki is a conventional Japanese multi-course enhanced food that utilizes occasional, perfectly introduced fixings. 

Getting a charge out of one of these flawless suppers in a private tatami tangle room is a paramount encounter. They are costly so it is ideal to go for lunch which is a lot less expensive than supper. Taste is a rundown of kaiseki eateries to attempt in Japan. 

Vegans don’t should be missed — Shozin Ryori or Fucha Ryori is a Zen Buddhist veggie-lover comparable to Kaiseki.


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