Top 5 Apps for Chinese to Watch TV Shows

For those living in China, there are several different apps for watching TV shows in Chinese. These include iQIYI, YouTube, Viki, and Mango TV. However, if you’re looking for a free way to watch television shows in Chinese, the following apps may be just what you need.

IFVOD Review

Ifvod is an app that lets you stream and download full episodes of your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. It is free to download and compatible with most devices. It features high-definition content, news, sports, arts, and politics. There are thousands of movies and series available for you to watch and subscribe to, with English subtitles. The app can be used on computers, tablets, and TVs.

The software is user-friendly and comes with many free trials. It allows you to test the service out before you purchase it. Once you purchase a subscription, you will be able to watch more than 90 different TV shows in HD quality. IFVOD also supports 4k and 8k resolutions to watch HD or ultra-HD videos.

Ifvod was founded in 2006 and built a massive library of TV shows and movies. In recent years, it has begun producing original content. This has resulted in positive reviews from viewers all over the world. In addition, the company is constantly adding new movies and TV shows to the service.

In addition to IFVOD television, IFVOD also features an assortment of peripheral products. Besides movies and TV series, people can also buy custom challenge coins with the series or movie’s main body as the primary image. Other products worth purchasing include vital chains and PVC coasters.


Ifvod is a popular Chinese television streaming app that offers various Chinese TV shows and movies. Its user-friendly interface and vast content library will satisfy your craving for Chinese entertainment. It also has the advantage of providing subtitles, which makes it easy to watch movies and TV shows in Chinese. Besides, it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app is a favorite for many Chinese, especially those who cannot access TV shows in English. Its content database includes movies and TV shows from China and many foreign languages. The content is subtitled in both Chinese and English, which makes it an excellent choice for those who don’t understand Chinese.

IFVOD is available on both Android and iOS devices. It supports high-quality streaming, including HD content, and has an extensive library of free and premium content. Its free version offers access to thousands of titles, while the paid version offers access to more than a million films and TV shows. Unlike other streaming services, IFVOD also doesn’t require a long-term subscription.

Another great option for Chinese television viewing is IFVOD. It has over 50 million registered users and supports Android, iOS, and PC platforms. It has over 900 channels, including sports and TV shows from China. IFVOD is easy to use, though it requires a high-speed Internet connection.

IFVOD is one of the top 5 apps for Chinese people to watch TV shows on their mobile devices. It provides quality video and audio and has unlimited Chinese language content. IFVOD has received very positive customer reviews from its users.


If you have a Chinese phone, you may already be familiar with iQIYI, one of the most popular apps for watching Chinese TV shows. The platform is owned by Baidu and focuses on Chinese HD TV series. It also produces some of its humorous content. Another of the most popular Chinese apps is QQ, China’s most popular instant-messaging platform. Its TV Channel feature offers full episodes of popular Chinese television shows online. Subscribers can bookmark their favorite shows and subscribe to updates. The app supports iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

If you live in China, you may want to consider setting up a VPN to watch iQIYI from outside the country. VPNs are excellent for unblocking Chinese TV shows and other geo-blocked content. A reliable VPN like ExpressVPN can spoof your IP address and let you watch iQIYI from anywhere in the world.

Another good Chinese app to stream TV shows is PPTV, formerly PPLive. This platform has an extensive library of Chinese TV series in which themes, actors, and countries are organized. Users can also sort by ratings and genre. It also allows you to create a watch list and resume playback.


YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that is available for a wide variety of devices, including smart TVs. It is one of the top 5 apps for Chinese to watch TV shows and offers Chinese and English-language content. However, not all devices have the Chinese version of the YouTube app. As a result, some users report that the interface displays strange characters on their TVs. However, there are a few ways to fix this problem.

Chinese users can also watch American TV shows on Netflix, but the streaming quality may be a problem. Some TV shows are also available in Chinese with subtitles. Fortunately, YouTube also has a great database of Chinese TV shows in English. Its algorithms can also recommend more shows related to Chinese if the user has watched a specific show.

Besides YouTube, Chinese users can also use You Ku Yun, another video streaming website. The site has over a hundred thousand videos available for download and streaming. You can download the app from the Google Play store or stream the videos directly from the website. There are no restrictions on uploading videos; you can also monetize your videos.

If YouTube is too restrictive, try downloading and using the Chinese YouTube app. The Chinese version of the app offers more features than the regular YouTube app. It has fewer restrictions on copyright requirements and an extensive library of old movies and TV shows. It’s an excellent alternative to YouTube in China and offers more than just video uploads.

Another Chinese Youtube alternative is You Ku Yun, which is available for Android and iOS devices. Although this app is available only in China, it has its restrictions. It is limited to only a few countries and has quality settings. The downside of this app is that it requires registration and extra payment before you can use its offline version.


Viki is one of the best applications for the Chinese to watch TV shows, as it is free and ad-free. It also offers access to hundreds of hours of additional content. The content is safe and secure and is available in several languages. There is also a premium service, Viki Plus, which includes offline downloads and redirects. The app offers a seven-day free trial period. You can also rent movies for $2 or $3. Viki is available on multiple platforms, including web browsers, Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV.

Viki has an impressive selection of films and TV shows from all over Asia. The biggest movie on the site is The Great Hypnotist, which follows the life of a psychiatric patient who sees ghosts. The film has received a 9.4 rating from users. Other popular shows on the app are “Please!” and “Shindong’s Kick Service.”

Viki offers a variety of language support, making it easy to watch TV shows with Chinese speakers. In addition, the interface is in English, and subtitles are available in both Chinese and English. Users can also subscribe to Viki Exclusives, which provides access to exclusive content. The company also offers a free trial of its Viki Pass service, which allows users to watch unlimited videos for a week without the risk of paying.

Viki has several features that make it one of the top 5 apps for Chinese to stream TV shows. The app is fast and features minimal ads, and it also has features like 24/7 anime, Chinese-language animated shows, and Japanese anime dubbed in Chinese. Additionally, the app features news, documentaries, and variety shows. Viki also recently launched a movie rental service.


WebTV is one of the most popular Chinese apps in the Google Play store. It features many movies, TV shows, and original content. The app offers free and paid subscription plans. Some content is only available with a subscription, while others are free to view with a TV provider. Whether you’re looking for a Chinese-language show or an English-language version, WeTV has thousands of programs to watch.

WebTV allows users to watch Chinese TV shows on the go. Many Chinese dramas are available for free on the app. The app also allows users to download unlimited videos for offline viewing. It also allows users to watch content on two devices simultaneously. For more premium content, you can upgrade to a VIP plan.

WeTV also allows you to watch free Korean and Asian TV shows. The app is available on Android and Apple devices. You can also view WeTV on the web. A subscription plan is Php59/month, Php159/quarterly, or Php599 annually. Another great option is the Youtube app, which offers free streaming of Korean shows. It also offers premium features, including YouTube Music and Kids.

WeTV allows users to adjust the video quality to their liking. There are different settings available, including 720p and 360p. Users can also change the volume or brightness. There are also gestures available to skip back and forward. WeTV also has a feature that lets users forget 10 seconds at a time. Aside from movies, WebTV lets users watch Asian dramas. One of the most popular dramas available on WE TV is Love O2O. The storyline revolves around the relationship between two people in college. There are romantic scenes, and the program even features a game to keep users entertained.

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