Top 5 Best-Selling Social Justice Books to Read

 Top 5 Best-Selling Social Justice Books to Read

Let’s face the facts: discussing race and Social Justice Books is not a very comfortable topic among friends and family. Still, the push and inner drive for equality and justice have been major issues in every aspect of society. Long before the internet came into popularity and people started to know and address certain things that we read in anti-racism books today, have always been a topic of discussion for a long time. Whether Social Justice Books concern wealth distribution, healthcare or systematic privilege and domination, civil right books present an inclusive push and raging drive to attain equality and freedom for everyone of any culture or belief.

Becoming knowledgeable and experienced on social justice and civil rights issues should never be seen as an influential or forceful act. Social justice is a vast topic that goes far beyond the fragmented theories of class, race, and ability, which might seem pretty tricky. But it can be cut down into more straightforward means of empathy, education, and humbleness, especially for the lives of the businessman. Who is making contracts on top, and the man who does all the labor of serving meals on the table for his family. The man who is being crushed morally in all.

The Muslim American Fight for Social Justice: From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter

By Bill Chambers

This revolutionary study recovers the tales of the Muslim American endeavors for social justice from the Civil Rights era through to the Black Lives Matter campaign. Author Bill Chambers has presented one of the best social justice books primarily based on how racism originated and extended across continents. It covers those events that are redacted from academic textbooks and the current culture of persistent racism in American society. This book covers the significance of social justice and how it can be attained through activism.

A Story of Justice and Redemption

 By Bryan Stevenson

This non-fiction novel is read like a history, and that’s what it is – a true and significant story. As a fresh lawyer heading up the Equal Justice Enterprise, Stevenson was assigned to Water McMillian’s case, a man on death row for corruption he states he didn’t commit. Just Mercy narrates the tale of Stevenson, who is working through lawful procedures and becoming transformed by Walter’s case. This is a must-read for readers fascinated by convict rights and the inner workings of the industrial-prison compound. This was published in 2014; the book won several awards comprising the Carnegie Medal for Excellence in True-life based. It is presently being modified into a movie featuring Michael B. Jordan as Stevenson.

A People’s History of the United States

By Howard Zinn

This novel has to be an obligatory read for every American civilian. But, instead of the cherry-picked tales of our founding fathers and prodigious men in supremacy, historian Howard Zinn looks at the olden times of the country. Through the eyes and compelling stories of “the street, the family, and the office,” emphasizing the physical struggles of vulnerable and poor populations from the day Christopher Columbus arrived and beyond.

Between the World and Me

By Ta-Nehisi Coates

This book inscribes a memo to his 15-year-old son to clarify and advise him of the social squirming and the stubborn prejudices he will face as a Black man in America. “You are growing into perceptions, and I wish that you feel no need to constrict your thinking or yourself just to make others happy,” writes Coates. It’s an uninviting surprise if one looks at the bitter history of America for what it is and relates that understanding to current life’s social stress.

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement

 By author Angela Davis

You cannot simply talk about social justice and civil rights movements without mentioning the famous philosopher, activist, speculative, and great novelist Angela Davis. In this novel, Davis dives into social topics of state-regulated oppression and viciousness, but these times from a worldwide viewpoint, putting as much focus on race affairs in Ferguson, Missouri as the chaos between Israel and Palestine. Its core duty is to demonstrate that freedom is a fight that will last for years and decades to come, but one should always endeavor for the freedom of all human beings.

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