Top 5 Coolest Accessories for Your Land Rover Defender

 Top 5 Coolest Accessories for Your Land Rover Defender

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Buying a car is a huge investment and an emotional choice that requires a lot of research and thought. And if you want something sturdy and unstoppable to provide you with a memorable experience, opt for the Land Rover Defender is the best. This vehicle will make your dream come true with the most intuitive technologies, compact and modern design, 70 years of innovative experience, and a 4 x 4 drive. 

But, buying a car is not enough. It is equally imperative to have the right accessories to complement it, whether for adventure or regular upkeep. This is because when you go on road trips, you spend most of the time behind the wheel, and you want a safer, smoother, and more pleasurable experience. Not to worry, as the Land Rover Defender comes with inventive accessories to keep the interiors clean and tidy, charge your electronics on the move, link your smartphone to your vehicle, or save your life while on the road.

So, if you possess the all-new Land Rover Defender, the following accessories will allow you to add a touch of the latest functionality, safety, and comfort. 

Expedition Roof Rack, Side-Mounted Gear Carrier, and Roof Loader

Are you going on a trek, hike, or road trip in the Land Rover Defender? Then carrying all the items is a must. Hence, install the expedition roof rack with a load capacity of 132 square kg. Made out of crossbars and a base, it allows you to store various items securely. The crossbars connect perpendicularly to the side railings of the car roof or feet, which will enable you to place numerous accessories.

Consider slightly broader crossbars if you and your family participate in various outdoor activities. The crossbars should only be as comprehensive as your vehicle’s widest component, including mirrors.

The most popular defender roof rack mounting options are:

  • Rooftop tent.
  • Cargo box/basket/ bag;
  • Kayak/paddleboard/ surfboard rack;
  • Bike rack;
  • Ski/snowboard rack

Do you have a huge family of 8 or 10 people, and the roof rack is not enough to store everything? Do not fret, as the side-mounted gear carrier with 24-liter capacity is excellent. Installed outside the vehicle, this lockable and water-resistant carrier helps you keep all the extra luggage securely.

Now comes the accessibility of the roof rack because you might need to use it frequently. In such cases, use the roof loader. Being easily deployable, you can lock it in the stowed position when not in use. 

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Inflatable Waterproof Awning and Portable Rinse System 

The awning is ideal for folks who want to go camping or have a picnic now and then. It includes an inflatable air beam that deploys fast in the event of sudden rain or direct sunshine. This may be mounted on the Defender’s sides or back, and it doesn’t require the roof rails to be fitted. The equipment also contains a stirrup pump, inflating the awning in less than five minutes. Isn’t it exciting?

Even if you don’t go off-roading or do anything exciting, you might have been in a situation where you had to wash dirty boots, wetsuits, or bikes. The portable rinse system with 6.5-liter pressure can come in handy. It will give a minimum of two minutes of continuous water flow through a shower hose-style connection. An excellent aspect is that it does not require batteries or any other form of electricity.

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Integrated Air Compressor

This device can inflate not just Defender tires but also bicycle tires, air mattresses, and even Land Rover’s weatherproof awning. It comes with several attachments and a hose long enough to effortlessly reach all of the tires, allowing you to store the compressor in your baggage without removing it yourself. You may pre-set the pressure to meet your demands and use the digital display for added convenience.

Floor Mats and Seat Covers

Your automobile’s interior is where you will spend most of your time with it. Nowadays, many cars come with seat coverings and floor mats as the standard equipment, or you may even purchase them additionally. Rubber floor mats and seat coverings are perfect examples. Besides that, the Land Rover Defender comes with back seat storage for keeping all the small things handy right behind the front seats. There is a center armrest that you can easily use for keeping any hot or cold food items or beverages without spilling them on the mat. 

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Pet Packs

Are you traveling along with your pets? Then having these pet packs is compulsory to keep them safe and interior intact. These packs include a load space mat of rubber, a load space liner tray made of rubber, and a luggage partition. In addition, you will get an access ramp so that your furry companion can get on and off the car quickly. Use the load space liner made of soft quilted fabric to protect the car floor and floor mats. The pet packs also provide spill-proof water bowls and foldable pet carriers for carrying within the car. 


So, there you have it: the top accessories for your brand-new Land Rover Defender. You will get a warranty of 1 year for all the accessories approved by them. So, check that when buying the beast. The automotive accessory industry is vast. Thanks to technological advancements, you can purchase the most incredible and innovative additions for your vehicle to make your driving more satisfying than ever. 

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