Top 5 Most Popular Father’s Day flowers For You

 Top 5 Most Popular Father’s Day flowers For You

Fathers’ Day falls on the third Sunday of June – a special day to celebrate the superheroes of your life. This year, give them something thoughtful. Perhaps, flowers! Flowers are eternally beautiful and the ideal gift to express your love and care. But, picking flowers for your dad can be tricky. So, to make things simple, we have compiled a list of 5 Fathers’ Day flowers.


Flowers make beautiful gifts. Especially, exotic flowers like orchids can make anybody happy. Purple Orchids wrapped in a bouquet make the best Fathers’ Day gift. They symbolize respect, admiration, royalty, and strength. Traditionally, purple orchids are gifted to show deep respect for a person. So, purple orchids can definitely be a great way to show how you look up to your father. Pick a royal purple orchids bouquet from the local Tulsa florists and make your dad feel appreciated for all that they do.


Roses are forever. You can send them to anyone you like and care about. For Fathers’ Day, you can pick a bunch of yellow roses to say ‘Thank you, Dad!’ The yellow color symbolizes warmth, affection, joy, and celebration. So, a lively bouquet of fresh yellow roses can be a happy gift for your father. You can combine the flowers with a fresh baby’s breath and a thoughtful note expressing your feelings of gratitude, love, and care.

Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies are enchanting blooms to gift on Fathers’ Day. These beauties bloom in several shades like yellow, orange, pink, white, purple, red, and bold and dramatic bi-colors. For Fathers’ Day, you can pick a bunch of orange Asiatic lilies that symbolize wealth, pride, and confidence. Pink lilies also signify abundance and prosperity. You can also choose a bouquet of handpicked assorted Asiatic lilies, combine them with a note or a gift, and send them via Fathers’ Day flower delivery in Tulsa OK.


Colorful gerberas can be your dad’s favorite as they are vibrant and so full of energy. Pick a bright color gerbera bouquet and say ’happy fathers’ day’. Gerberas symbolize innocence, purity, and cheerfulness. For Fathers’ Day, you can pick orange gerberas as they are eye-catching and energetic. Clustered in an attractive bouquet, send a bunch of colorful gerberas from a local florist via flower delivery in Tulsa. Rest assured, your dad would be delighted!


Express gratitude to your father with chrysanthemums. Show how grateful you are to have him in your life. Chrysanthemums represent happiness, friendship, and well-being. They also signify respect and honor in the US. Chrysanthemums are beautiful. They can be one of the best Fathers’ Day gifts. These bold and beautiful blooms are sure to make your dad happy. Local flower shops like wild orchid florists offer chrysanthemums arranged in beautiful bouquets. You can pick any of them and wish your dad a very happy Fathers’ Day. Fathers’ Day flowers can be a little hard to pick. But the effort is worth it. An uncommon gift for the man in the house, flowers can make them feel admired instantly.

So, which flowers are you planning to buy this year for your father? Let us know!

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