Top 6 Places To Visit In Turkey – Must Read!

 Top 6 Places To Visit In Turkey – Must Read!

Byzantine and Ottoman history are clear symbols of Scientific and cultural progress. Hence when you are in Turkey, the heart of an ancient empire, you will have many tourist spots on your list. Turkey’s glorious past and dazzling infrastructures are attracting visitors daily. Turkey is an attractive tourist destination in Asia and Europe.

The diverse culture and glorious history of the past are two magnetic factors. In addition, the Mediterranean Sea and flavors are adding more points and making it the best tourist destination. Turkey has many historical places, but you want to shortlist the names of the sites. You have to know the best places to visit in turkey first when you have a short travel time.

6 Best Travelling Destinations In Turkey

Who cannot deny the beauty and the historical attractions of Turkey? Once you are in those, you can see how the ancient culture and modern lifestyle go side-by-side. But the best strategy is to simply read through the list and cover all the historical places with seven days travel program.

Here is the list of seven places names. Read through it and know which are the best places which you can start to explore.

1.Hagia Sophia Mosque

The iconic historical Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, is kissing the clouds from the turkey land. This Mosque was built in 537 CE at the Byzantine time. Emperor Justinian instructed the construction of the foundations. After that, for 1,000 years, history reminds the structure as the world’s largest church.

This famous monument is the iconic structure of Turkey. You will experience the combinations of the history and glorious Ottoman empire’s past historical impacts under the same roof.


The rock valleys of the Cappadocia are a perfect place to capture some natural mesmerizing pictures. These wild cliffs and hills all have a panoramic view. The wave-like rocks are everywhere. And every photographer is experiencing the beauty of the place. It is heavenly.

How to explore the place? The cliffs are enormous. Walking on foot is possible. But you cannot explore the whole place by simply walking. The hot balloon ride is available for all the tourists. This ride is the best solution to cover the spot. And take some beautiful pictures for yourself. The unique shape of lunar-like landscapes is a unique feature. When you see the place from the sky, you will feel picture-perfect as the site is.

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3.Topkapı Palace

The Topkapi Palace is an excellent symbol of the great Ottoman Sultan Era culture. The place has been standing on the ground for the past 15 and the 16th centuries. This palace is another best tourist destination in Turkey. When you see every interior of the palace you will feel the power of the Ottoman empires. 

While you are in Topkapi Palace, do not forget to peek in the Imperial Council building. This entire palace is now full of historical collections. The world-class ethnicity and the historical art effects are everywhere. Once upon a time, this palace was the ottoman power base. Keep your eyes open, and its incredible beauty will spellbind you.


Mediterranean seas and the blanks are full of natural beauty. Pamukkale is an excellent symbol of the world’s few famous wonders. The natural white travertine terraces of the Pamukkale cascade down the slopes. The travertines were the ancient spa town. The scattered look and the green landscapes of the place are just picture perfect.

When you are in Turkey, you must visit this place once in your whole travel time. The natural landscapes are beautiful. And nearest towns are full of natural antique pools and spas. Swim in the mineral-rich water and get a relaxing spa massage. This spa town is fully equipped with modern spa equipment. You will get all types of contemporary spa facilities here.

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5.Cruising the Mediterranean

Who does not like to swim in the Mediterranean sea’s blue sapphire water? Glorious, isn’t it? While you are in Turkey, you must book a luxurious travel yacht to explore the sea.

The historical value of these routes is so heavy. Hence when you are on a luxurious yacht, you will have kingly feelings.

The historical routes towards the Olympus are not less than the Batista Restaurant Las Vegas history. Your luxurious yacht traveling will not get wasted without the pleasant flavor of multi cuisines. Taste the Ottoman lavish lifestyle and make your turkey vacations relaxing and flavourful.

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Aspendos is the symbol of the great Roman structures and sculptures. This roman theatre was built during Marcus Aurelius’s time during the Roman Empire. This theatre is the great symbol of the classical age theatre structure, still holding the earth’s face. 

The whole theatre has more than 15,000 seats. Around the theatre, there are plenty of other historical places which you can see and experience the glorious past of Roman history. After visiting the theatre, take a walk in the other historical ruins. The theatre is not far from the central city of Turkey. This place is near Antalya. So you can plan the travel schedule from Antalya.


All of these six places are the greatest attractions of turkey. So when you are having a short time exploring the place, always add these places’ names in your travel preferences. All of these six places are not far away from downtown. So do the plan accordingly, and do not forget to share your traveling experiences in the comment section.

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