Top 7 Places To Visit in Santo Domingo?

 Top 7 Places To Visit in Santo Domingo?

Santo Domingo

The city of Santo Domingo has been the capital city of the Dominican Republic. People visit this city to explore the spell-binding beauties it owns. You can plan a trip to this picture-perfect destination for sightseers. You can stroll around full of beach areas or can visit the resort gateways. The city has been crowded with tons of performing regions. Lots of people visit this city to explore the great city sites, or to watch out for the nightlife, culture, and tons of things with Spirit Airlines flight Booking.

Here, are some of the amazing places to hop into:

 La Zona Colonial

La Zona Colonial is located near the Microteatro Santo Domingo. Lots of tourists visit this important colonial place to see the most delightful place. You can visit where people across the country spend weekends or holidays in this area. You can watch out for the Dominican Republic’s social movements or can stroll in museums for cultural events. Adore the nightlife, sculpture galleries, and fashionable cafeterias. 

Microteatro: 15-Minute Plays on Dominican Life 

The Microteatro space is a fun-filled place having the most imaginary thing to do. You can come here to spend your whole day viewing plays. You can enjoy the spot or can watch out for striking colonial buildings in an open-air courtyard. You can try out various eateries and drinks. This site is famous for its some of the best nights out in Santo Domingo. People visit here for food, drink with friends or family while watching four different 15 minutes plays in between.

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El Museo de la Resistencia

El Museo de la Resistencia is a superb museum that offers different ways to get educated on the history and contextualize the country’s experience. You can visit this museum that pays tribute to fighters who have fought against the domination. Adore various displays inside the museum, you can also embrace the famous dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. 

Visit the famous Los Tres Ojos National Park & Open Caves Schemes

Los Tres Ojos National Park is just a ten-minute drive away from the well-known Colonial Zone. You can come to this open-air limestone cave system park found in Santo Domingo. Lots of people visit this nature to standby with a crystal see-through lake system meant as the “eyes.” 

Mamey Libreria: Books, Art, Film & Coffee

Mamey offers an art gallery and a bookstore, with incredible Dominican-related books. The site Liberia is one of the exciting places to pay a visit. You can watch out for a drama in the back with a partnership with Dominican artists. Lots of people visit this site to see cultural events, presentations, and meetings also take place here.

Larimar Museum

Larimar is one mine in the sphere of Barahona. You can come to this exhilarating place to see the world’s strangest semi-precious stones. This stone is inimitable only to the Dominican Republic. Adore the site and worship the stone for which the museum is famous. You can plan a trip here to spend your holidays.

Parque Mirador Sur

Parque Mirador Sur is a bright park to enjoy a lively lifestyle along with kids. This site is located just under the Bella Vista neighborhood. You can visit this site located on the comfortable Anacaona streets. Catch the mesmerizing views from this site. You can also enjoy frequent things to do while the public hops here on weekend mornings. 

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