Top 8 Famous Museums In Chennai That You Must Visit

 Top 8 Famous Museums In Chennai That You Must Visit

Aside from stunning individuals, amazing seashores, superb sanctuaries, and other structural marvels, Chennai has numerous galleries that you can visit while arranging an excursion here. But first, make sure you check out the TASMAC full form before we begin. A large portion of the galleries has fortunes of the past which date from the hour of the Pallava tradition to the British guideline. 

To excite and connect with recent college grads, Chennai likewise has exhibition halls joining new workmanship and old articles that draw in the adolescent as well as help in understanding the cutting edge innovation utilized in them. 

How about we examine 8 popular historical centers of Chennai underneath. 

  1. Vintage Camera Museum 

On the off chance that photography is your side interest or leisure activity, this spot is for you. Situated in the East Coast Road territory, the Vintage Camera Museum is a depository of in excess of 1500 cameras in plain view that has been gathered since 1997. A fascinating reality about this exhibition hall, which makes it perhaps the best historical center in Chennai, is that Drs. Avi Arun (a dental specialist by calling) began this historical center. 

  1. Government Museum 

The Government Museum is an immense storehouse of antiquated ancient pieces and curios of Tamil Nadu showed in 46 exhibitions. It is found near Egmore railroad station and is an extraordinary spot for any individual who needs to invest energy to find out about the set of experiences and rich legacy of Tamil Nadu. One of the biggest and celebrated exhibition halls in Chennai, the Government Museum has an aggregate of 6 structures with different displays devoted to pre-notable period, human studies, archaic exploration, and numismatics segments. It likewise has a glorious workmanship area and a kids’ historical center for kids. 

  1. Dakshinachit

On the off chance that you are keen on South Indian culture and way of life and might want to see it very close, Dakshin Chitra Museum is the spot to visit. Probably the best gallery in Chennai, it is viewed as a phenomenal life-history exhibition hall in Tamil Nadu. Organized as a legacy town, Dakshina Chitra mirrors the workmanship, design, culture, and way of living of individuals in South India. 

  1. Stronghold St. George Museum 

The Fort St. George Museum houses more than 3000 collectibles from different phases of the cutting edge authentic-time and is without a doubt perhaps the best exhibition hall in Chennai. Isolated into 3 stories with a sum of 10 displays, the Fort St. George Museum exhibits numerous native weapons, different assortments of protection, shells shot during the First and Second World War, British Army regalia and that’s just the beginning. 

  1. Local Railway Museum 

Like the Rail Museum, notwithstanding different exhibition halls in Delhi, Chennai likewise has a Regional Railway Museum which grandstands the legacy and advancement of the Indian Railways. An awesome site for all explorers going to Chennai with family or companions, the Regional Railway Museum thrills everybody with its assorted assortment of steam trains that worked during the British time frame. 

  1. Birla Planetarium 

The Birla Planetarium, a basic piece of the Periyar Science and Technology Center, beat out all competitors in the rundown of exhibition halls in Chennai. It incorporates a dazzling small-scale model of the universe to pull in the consideration of all science fans and youngsters who are anxious to find out about space and the past. 

  1. Vivekananda Ilma 

The place of Vivekananda Illam or Vivekananda is the home where Swami Vivekananda came to Chennai in 1897. Recently called the Ice House, this sublime design faces Marina Beach and was renamed Vivekananda Illam in 1963. You can find out about the life and lessons of Swami Vivekananda by visiting this unbelievable historical center and see the various phases of his life. Painting and 2D multi-dimensional images. Perhaps the best exhibition hall in Chennai, a visit to Vivekananda Illam allows you an opportunity to become familiar with a great deal about this blessed holy person who put India on the worldwide guide. 

  1.  Snap-On Art Museum 

Have you ever longed for presenting with a chimpanzee, battling with Bruce Lee, or contracting pictures like a little insect? All things considered, a 3D craftsmanship historical center in Chennai, situated in the VGP Snow Kingdom, is conceivable at the awesome Click Art Museum. Here you can track down your pleasant side by making astonishing 3D craftsmanship pictures. The gallery has 24 workmanship shows and every one of them wakes up when you enter the casing that is deliberately set apart against each craftsmanship shows.


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