Top Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow for Great Tips

 Top Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow for Great Tips

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Beauty hacks, nail arts, everyday makeup, and other beauty-related content are getting massive support on various social media websites. Due to this, a new profession has emerged called beauty and lifestyle bloggers or makeup influencers.
These influencers blog about makeup, skincare products, outfits, hairstyles, and pretty much everything related to beauty. They take photos of hair and makeup! Create videos showing their viewers how to create their looks. Try multiple outfits and more.
They keep their blogs and social media profiles updated by posting continuous content and promoting products that help them make money.

Who is the Best Blogger?

It depends on various factors like

  • What type of content do they share (it must match your needs)?
  • The new styles and hacks they bring. Also, how easily do they explain?
  • The number of followers and engagements a blogger is getting.
  • And how consistent they are!

Based on these factors, we researched with Kali Sudhra various social media platforms, blogs, YouTube, and Pinterest to find out the list of best bloggers who share some excellent content that exactly matches your needs.

Also, if you are looking for unique makeup products and ideas, these bloggers may help.

Top 6 Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers

Let us start with the list of the top six extremely helpful bloggers who deliver the best content with millions of engagements.

1. Pixiwoo

Pixiwoo is a blog run by sister Sam and Nick Chapman. They are pretty famous and the first-ever beauty blogger to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube.
The sisters promote video tutorials and content related to all the beauty tricks you can use while getting ready. They are among the oldest beauty and lifestyle bloggers with tons of experience. It makes them the best choice if you are looking for professional advice.

2. Michelle Wong

Wong easily breaks down the complex skin routines into simple language because she got her Ph.D. in medicinal and supramolecular chemistry. Her deep knowledge of skin and medicines sets her apart from the rest of the bloggers.
She usually shares content related to skincare with detailed product reviews. You can find her on Instagram with the username labmuffinbeautyscience.
She got a huge fan following, and the comment shows that people trust her with their skin. She is worth checking out if you are interested in skincare routines.

3. Fleur De Force

She is also one of the oldest beauty bloggers. Her journey didn’t start with a degree, but she started sharing beauty-related content while in college and successfully created a business.
We found her battle royale style reviews interesting. Fleur De Force shares content related to makeup tutorials skin and haircare routines. You will find pretty much everything you need for your daily routine.
Don’t forget to check her blog, Fleur de Force, if you find her content interesting.
Here you can find in-depth detailed reviews and essential products that you will love.

4. Malvika Sitlani

If you have Indian skin, you cannot miss Malavika’s content. She is simple yet unique, making her one of the widely followed beauty influencers on Instagram.
She promotes a variety of makeup tutorials through exciting and hard to resist videos. At times, she does product reviews, which are extremely helpful for anyone.
If you are confused about your make routine or the products you must use on Indian skin, her blog can be handy.
She got a verified account on Instagram with 528k followers. You can search her with the username malvikasitlaniofficial on Instagram. Also, she got a website, Masic beauty.

5. Robin Black

Robin black covers all skin tones, including that darkest to the lightest. Her Instagram is full of excellent tutorials and facial arts that are extremely helpful and interesting to watch.
Also, her bright red lips, full-face metallics, and vivid rainbow liner make us fall in love with her content. She is accommodating and got a massive following on Instagram.
You can find her with the username Beautyisboring.
Each look she shares is stunning and will make you rethink your makeup routine.

6. Mrunal Panchal

Mrunal is another lovely Indian woman who shares most of her Instagram content. She got super exciting stuff related to makeup and skincare. Also, you can find her stories related to traveling at multiple foreign locations.
She is one of the widely followed beauty influencers on Instagram and is well known for connecting with her fans through giveaways, live videos, and various contests.
You can find her account as Mrunu on Instagram and enjoy the great content.

We find these bloggers helpful as they share content that matches most of your requirements.
Also, they got a considerable following. The reviews and comments on their posts show that people trust them, and surely you will get the information you are looking for.
Who is your favorite beauty and lifestyle blogger?

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