Top Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

 Top Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Is losing hair a natural process? Well, hair shedding is an essential part of our body’s natural renewal cycle. Hence, shedding some amount of hair is natural. Hairs keep growing and dying, which is the natural life cycle of hairs. But if you have started noticing an increase in the amount of hair you lose every day and started witnessing scalp that was not visible earlier, this is a clear sign of hair loss. 

For many people, the main reason behind hair loss can be difficult to fathom, and this is why many people keep on scouring the internet for only new shampoo and conditioners. In contrast, the real issue behind hair loss is something else. 

Like any other part of the body, even hair can experience change due to some common biological factors that might not be related to dust or dirt. They might not be related to the type of shampoo or oil you use. 

Since there are many perpetrators of hair loss, it is necessary to find the root cause behind hair loss first, and this is what we are going to do in this blog post. 


If hair fall has increased with age, there is nothing to panic about, as with age, an increase in hair loss is expected. The cells in our body keep on dying and generating at all ages, but as we cross a certain age category, our body starts witnessing a proliferation in the number of cells dying, and they are not on an even keel with the number of cells generating. 

That is the main reason why our bones become weaker, our skin starts losing the shine, and hair fall increases. 

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything for hair fall, even if it is just a part of the aging process. There are many herbal supplements for hair growth that you can use to deal with hair fall-related aging. 

Change in hormones 

A woman will have higher androgen levels when the body is dealing with conditions like congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). And such conditions are the main perpetrators of hair. 

If you are a woman dealing with hair loss and conditions like facial hair growth spiraling out of control, irregular periods, and acne, this might be due to hormonal changes. Even in such cases, hair supplements for women can give noticeable results. 

Even a change in the medicinal routine can make you lose hair at a breakneck pace. For example, a woman who stops taking birth control pills might have to deal with hormonal imbalance, resulting in increased hair loss. 

Deficiency of nutrients 

While many women keep changing their shampoo, oil, and conditioner to reduce hair loss, the real culprit in the form of lack of nutrients goes unnoticed. Like all other parts of the body, even your hair needs proper nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy.

If your body lacks these essential aspects of healthy living, then it will stop its supply to the hair since, according to the body, hair is the least important part of the body. Lack of vitamin D, iron, and even a low level of zinc can lead to hair loss, and only the use of supplements for hair loss in females can give the best result in such cases. 

Although the market is inundated with supplements for hair loss, you must choose only herbal supplements for hair growth. 

Certain types of medications 

Many women are not aware that even the use of certain medicines can contribute to hair loss. That is the one thing that you have to keep in mind even if you are using the best hair supplements for women. 

Some of the most common medications that can contribute to hair loss are

  • Medications for acne
  • Medications for gout 
  • Medications for high blood pressure 
  • Medications for high cholesterol and much more

If you are on any of these medications, apart from using the best supplements for hair loss, you should consider the impact of these medicines on your hair loss. Ask your doctor to suggest other alternatives. 

Hair loss is ubiquitous in females worldwide, and while in some cases, women can procrastinate the process, in other cases, it spirals out of control. But it doesn’t matter at which stage of hair loss you are; the first thing you must do is fathom the real culprit behind hair loss. 

By targeting the real issue behind hair loss, you can always get better results than just changing the hair care routine and letting your efforts to prevent hair loss go astray. 

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