Top Five Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

 Top Five Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurs love to view risk as binary. The more you put on the line, the greater the potential for reward,” said Jason Fried, co-author of the international bestseller Rework and co-founder and president of 37signals, a privately held web-based software development company.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is never an easy task and it requires a lot of skills to manage your role effectively. Well, some people say that entrepreneurs are born rather than made, that’s not true. If you have. the ability to learn and develop those skills then you can have the chance to get success in your entrepreneurial career. Sometimes learning from bests can help you achieve better growth.

Here are five characteristics of a successful entrepreneur:


Motivation plays a crucial role in creating a good entrepreneur. Well, establishing a new business and investing a large amount just to make their dream come true, even though they know that it may take months or years to run their business successfully, their motivation pushes them to pursue their dreams. Also, they are well aware that there is a big chance that despite their hard work, their efforts will not give them success. But their self-motivation helps them to stay focused to achieve better work results.


Some people are born with passion but some need to work hard to achieve their passion. Most successful entrepreneurs value their passion most as it helps them to stay motivated and it offers them a desire to make a difference. Even when the entrepreneur is countered in a critical situation, their passion will push them towards the path to achieve their goals.


One of the unique qualities of a successful entrepreneur is that they provide a great vision for their company’s future and along with that they will also provide the path to follow to achieve the common goal. Their vision will direct them to identify different opportunities that can make their business grow and they will make sure that their employees will be able to understand the vision and should never lose the right track to achieve the common goal.


Without confidence, entrepreneurs will never be able to make the right decisions and they will not able to manage their business effectively. If the entrepreneur has confidence in themselves and also in their products and services then only they can sell them to the customers. Even if they want to make critical decisions or want to take risks for the business, without confidence they will lose track that will put a bad impact on the business.


Effective decision-making skills are the most crucial part of making or breaking a business and every entrepreneur needs to acquire this skill. The ability to identify opportunities and problems in a business can help in decision-making skills. But to provide quick and effective decisions, an entrepreneur needs to know every aspect of their business and the market.

Talking about decision-making, a person from whom inspiration can be taken is Neil Mitchell, a successful entrepreneur, co-founder, and president of risk services and insurance solutions at Player’s Health. Prior to that Neil Mitchell Players Health Mitchell spent more than 26 years working for Marsh Canada, an insurance broking and risk management firm with business in more than 130 countries.

Jim Mumford

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