Top Five Tips To Make Your Road Trip Memorable

 Top Five Tips To Make Your Road Trip Memorable

Nothing comes closer to an old-fashioned fun-filled road trip. You go to love taking to the open road and exploring your country. Now, I’ve been a “road tripper” for a while, and while I enjoy flying, I prefer road trips because they allow you to truly experience the country.

So get your favorite tunes and snacks ready, and use these simple road trip travel tips to plan your road trip adventure.

Five Easy and Useful Road Trips

Plan your trip.

You must first decide where you want to go and then plan your trip. It doesn’t have to take a long time to plan, but you must know the route you’ll take and the points of interest along the way where you’ll want to stop and explore. Seeing the sights along the way is half the fun of a road trip. 

GPS is quite popular these days, and it is recommended. However, you can’t always rely on it when you’re traveling and encounter construction zones or accidents. That’s why it’s critical to have a physical map of the areas you’ll be visiting on hand, as well as alternate routes in case they become necessary.

Pack food on your own and plan a picnic.

I always prefer to bring my food on a trip. It not only keeps me eating healthier. Also, keep a small fridge from a quality refrigerator supplier to keep your food afresh.

Similarly, if you plan, you may discover a fun spot for a scenic picnic along your route, and packing a picnic is far superior to flying through the Drive-Thru. If you do decide to stop for a picnic or to see something interesting along the way.

Keep music or audible books

Every road trip requires a soundtrack because music is truly the soundtrack of our lives. It’s a little like having a theme song for every vacation, but hearing the music today will bring back happy memories of wonderful vacations. Get caught up on books you’d like to read but prefer to listen to instead. Audiobooks are perfect for this, and you can download them to your iPhone, MP3 player, or other PDA device.

Don’t forget to pack a boredom buster bag for the kids.

Don’t forget to bring along some of your children’s favorite kid’s music as well as some fun travel games, such as magnetic board games. DVD players are a good option for long trips if your child isn’t prone to motion sickness.

Electronic games will, of course, keep your children occupied, but it is advised for you to limit their time with them. Especially if you are traveling through some beautiful scenery. It’s a great opportunity for your family to bond, and if your child gets lost in a Game Boy, the memory of the trip will be lost.

A road trip is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

The day my niece, Jessica, and I drove 52 enchanting miles on the “Road to Hana” on the Hawaiian island of Maui was one of my all-time favorite road trips. “Remember, Hana is not a destination, it’s a journey,” the guidebook said.

Hana is 52 miles from Kahului, but the journey takes at least three hours due to the winding road, which has approximately 620 curves and 59 bridges, 46 of which are only one lane. This memorable road trip takes you through a lush, tropical rain forest dotted with tumbling waterfalls, black sand beaches, scenic lava cliffs, fresh fruit stands, and tropical hillsides. 

Jessica and I must have stopped at least ten times, one of which was for a picnic on the black sand beach. We took pictures near waterfalls, tasty fruit stands, and lovely tropical flower gardens. You should approach your road trip vacation in the same way that we approached our Road to Hana: as a journey, not a destination.

Avoid Trouble.

When you’re on the road, you need to beware of your surroundings. Don’t make yourself a target for theft by leaving valuables in your car (DVD players, Game Boys, etc.), and don’t flaunt your road trip with pillows and blankets were strewn about. Hide your valuables and road trip creature comforts when you park your car. Any thief or troublemaker should be able to walk right past your car if you are proactive in keeping your “I’m on a road trip clues” clearly hidden.

Other street smart tips include parking where there is plenty of light and foot traffic and making sure your windows are rolled up and doors locked whenever you leave your car. If you want a little extra security, items like “the Club” might be a good choice.

Finally, keep an eye on your speed when driving. Speeding increases your chances of receiving a ticket and, more importantly, reduces your time to react if the need arises. You are responsible for your passengers if you are the driver. When signs say “Speed limits are photo enforced,” take them seriously.

Avoiding rush hour, especially in larger cities, and taking turns driving with other people in the car are two other good driving tips. If you are unfamiliar with your surroundings, you should avoid driving at night.

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