Top Green Building Rating Systems Around the World

 Top Green Building Rating Systems Around the World

The trend for sustainable buildings is now more than a decade old. The inhabitants of the world have realized the need and necessity for sustainable and green buildings. It has become quite important for the commercial growth of a building to obtain a green certification. 

Green buildings draw investors and are commercially a success. Moreover in many countries, obtaining a green building certification is mandatory before you can attempt to sell or start residing in the building.

Popular Green Building Rating and Certification System

Let us have  look at the top 10 green building rating systems around the world:


This is one of the most popular green building rating systems in the world. It is most prevalent in the United States of America. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The certification system, allotment of certificates, and the overall management of LEED are looked after by the United States Green Building Council. 

The system uses the method of third-party inspection to rate buildings. LEED focuses on nine primary eas before certifying a building as green and sustainable architecture. These domains are location, Transportation, sustainability of the sites, innovation, material and resources used, indoor environmental quality, energy and atmosphere, water efficiency, and overall integration. 


This is an international green building rating system. BREEAM is the oldest green building rating system in the world. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. Over 50 countries of the world accept this method of green building rating.

BREEAM evaluates buildings based on 9 factors. They are transport, water, health and well-being, land use, ecology, water, materials, and pollution quotient. BREEAM also concentrates on the overall performance and efficiency of a building. BREEAM supports better rates for buildings that reflect scientific innovation and performance.


DGNB is an extremely popular green building rating system mostly in function in Germany and other European countries. The idea of DGNB is to use a holistic approach for green building certification. 

Along with sustainability, DGNB takes into account building performance and the social impact of a building while rating the building. There are three tiers of DGNB certification namely platinum, gold and silver. 

The parameters for assessment in the DGNB rating system are ecological functionality of the building, socio-cultural efficiency of the building, technical quality, and building process quality. The program system is created and maintained by the German Sustainable Building Council. 

Green Star

For the Australian and South African countries, the green building rating system in use is the Green Star system. The primary focus of this rating system is on innovation in sustainability. That means it provides the best ratings to buildings, where new scientific approaches are used to make a building better performing and sustainable. 

The buildings reflecting optimal utilization of land space and resources using unique and latest scientific techniques getes a high0end rating in the green star system. The assessment parameters in the Green Star system include environmental air quality, transportation, water, materials and ecology, emissions, and others. The green star certification system promotes conscious energy usage and efficient material selection for creating architecture. 

Other Green Building Rating Systems Around the World

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there exist several other green building rating systems to identify and recognize sustainable buildings across the world. Some of these are:

  • BCA Green Mark Scheme – Singapore
  • Green Globes – Canada
  • Fitwel – international
  • Well – international
  • Gord – Middle Eastern Countries
  • Miljobyggnad – Sweden
  • Casbee – Japan
  • Beam Plus – Hong Kong

The primary idea of each certification system is to promote the use of science and technology for creating buildings that are good for the environment. 

Final Words

If you want to obtain a green building certification for your building and space, connect with the best agencies for obtaining certifications. It is crucial to get a green certificate and establish a building sustainable. 

There are various government perks and initiatives that are dedicated to green sustainable buildings. To avail of them, green building certification is necessary. 

Also, it is our primary responsibility as citizens of the planet to reduce our harmful footprints on Earth and leave a better planet for future generations. Green building certification is a way to ensure that architecture does not interfere with the natural sanctity of the planet. 

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