Top HP Pavilion for students in 2022

 Top HP Pavilion for students in 2022

Top HP Pavilion for students in 2022

The HP laptop brand is famous for its beautiful, luxurious. Most luxuriously designed laptop and laptop models, stable performance, and especially HP Pavilion laptop models with very diverse prices, so there are many People who are office workers. Students and students want to own this product. Here are a few models of HP Pavilion 14 laptops with beautiful. Compact designs that are popular with many people, please refer to them!

The HP Pavilion 14 dv0520TU

The HP Pavilion 14 dv0520TU has an extremely luxurious and solid silver metal back cover and palm rest, with high durability. This 14-inch Pavilion laptop weighs only 1.4 kg making it easy to carry everywhere.

With Intel Core i3 1125G4 CPU processor, HP Pavilion 14 dv0520TU helps to operate well all work tasks to entertainment needs such as data entry, surfing the web. Watching movies, listening to music,… 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD hard drive provides stable multitasking, provides fast boot and access speed.

HP Pavilion 14 has a 14-inch screen with an IPS panel for wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees. Anti Glare anti-glare screen helps to reduce glare, protecting viewers’ eyes.

In addition, the HP Pavilion 14 laptop possesses many useful features from Microsoft Office software without any extra cost thanks to the pre-installed Windows 11 operating system on the machine.

HP Pavilion 14 i3 High-end Laptop

With a weight of 1.41 kg and a thickness of 17mm. The HP Pavilion 14 i3 laptop has a very modern Gold back cover and a palm rest made from trendy silver metal. The machine has a thin and light design ready to go with you in every trip.

Intel Core i3 1125G4 processor will support HP Pavilion 14 laptop to quickly manipulate simple office tasks with Word. Excel, … or basic design on Canva, Figma, …

4GB RAM and 256GB SSD hard drive and advanced Windows 11 Home SL operating system are built-in, improving laptop productivity.

Despite its thin and light design, the HP Pavilion 14 i3 is still equipped with common connectivity ports such as SuperSpeed ​​USB Type-C, 2 SuperSpeed ​​USB A ports. HDMI and a Micro SD card reader.

The loud, clear sound comes from Bang &Olufsen Audio technology with state-of-the-art noise cancellation. Giving you unforgettable experiences in a world of flawless sound.

HP Pavilion 14 modern folding laptop – HP Pavilion x360 i3

 Perhaps this is the cheapest 360-degree folding laptop currently available. With a price of only $700, HP Pavilion 14 has a hinge made of sturdy steel. Can rotate and fold 360 degrees combined with a multi-touch screen so you can change the machine in many different positions. It meets all user needs. You can use the machine as a laptop to work anywhere, or can fold it upside down as a tablet to easily exchange information when meeting or working with partners.. .

The screen features extremely responsive and smooth touch when users perform touch, swipe or zoom operations. Along with that is Full HD resolution with IPS panels for sharp images, vibrant colors and consistent display quality even when you change the viewing angle.

 HP Pavilion 14 x360 i3 laptop owns the power of today’s latest 11th gen Intel processor. With an average clock rate of 3.0GHz and a maximum of 4.1GHz capable of quickly processing all office data. Learn the basics and edit photos on Photoshop, Ai applications.

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