Top Mesmerising Places To Visit In North India While Travelling

 Top Mesmerising Places To Visit In North India While Travelling

A person would be compelled to know about the different places in the country that merit special attention since there is so much to see. You’ll run into many beautiful places in India when searching for some of the best.

India has many beautiful places, thanks to our vast and varied geography. In the North, we have the snow-capped Himalayas; and in the West, we have the immense stretches of sand dunes. In the East, we have beautiful countryside, and in the South, we have over 7000 km of coastline, creating the best tourist places in north India.

You should visit a few of these tourist places in north India.


Few places in north India are as picturesque as Leh-Ladakh. In this remarkable region, pristine blue lakes, lush green pockets, shifting dunes, and meandering rivers are interspersed with rugged mountains with snow-capped peaks. Monasteries dot the landscape, creating a mystic, spiritual atmosphere. In this region, Tibetan culture is highly prevalent in people, food, and culture.

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In addition to its majestic mountains, lush green valleys, tranquil lakes, and pleasant climate, Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, located at the foothills of the Himalayas. As well as these natural attractions, the region is also home to many man-made wonders, such as churches, historical structures, museums, and the bustling Mall Road. In North India, Shimla makes for a lovely honeymoon destination if you want to escape the bustle of large cities.

Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley sits in the foothills of the mountains between the town of Manikaran and the forest of Kasol. While the gushing Parvati River complements the beautiful mountain range, its slopes are covered with lush greenery and pine trees. The Parvati Valley offers good trekking routes, affordable accommodation, and a variety of hangout spots for Indian and international tourists. Despite the spiritual aura, the air reverberates with the sounds of the hippies.

Mussoorie and Dehradun

Since the 1800s, Dehradun and Mussoorie have been attracting families and couples with their tree-covered hills and valleys. The British called Mussoorie, The Queen of Hill Stations after it provided breathtaking views of Dehradun and the snowcapped Himalayas. They are also popular with hikers despite being only 33 kilometers apart. Dehradun and Mussoorie have a variety of institutions, churches, and summer palaces from the British Raj era, in addition to their natural beauty.

Haridwar and Rishikesh

Haridwar and Rishikesh are indispensable in any discussion of religious sites in North India. Rishikesh and Haridwar are twin national heritage cities known for their spiritual aura, which draws soul seekers and pilgrims from across the globe. In the 1960s, the Beatles came to Rishikesh! On the one hand, the Ganges offers moments of meditation. At the same time, on the other, its rapids appeal to adventure-seekers, making it one of the most popular adventure sports in North India. 

Spiti Valley

In the northeastern part of India, the Spiti Valley is a high desert mountain valley situated in the Himalayas. Due to its desert mountains, Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti Valley is a perfect monsoon destination.

The place is at its most beautiful during the monsoon season. The following places of interest and a visit to Pin Valley National Park and Tabo Monastery are not to be missed while in Spiti Valley.


The state of Rajasthan would be incomplete without a visit to Udaipur. ‘The Garden City of Rajasthan’ is an ideal destination for leisure and nature lovers. Visitors can spend hours just exploring the lakes, palaces, and gardens. One of the oldest and largest lakes in the city is Lake Pichola. The City Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Lake Palace, and Jag Mandir are other attractions in Udaipur during the monsoon.

Kaziranga National Park

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park is home to the largest population of Indian rhinoceros, which live in dense forests, meadows, and swamps. The park is one of India’s most famous biodiversity hotspots, with four predefined tourist circuits. They each possess distinct characteristics. It is also the breeding ground for many other animals and birds in this 430 square kilometers national park.

Tsomgo Lake

The Tsomgo Lake, known as the Changu Lake, offers a breathtaking view of rugged mountains. It is located at an altitude of 12,400 feet and varies in appearance throughout the year. Lakeside is full of flowers in full bloom in the late spring but freezes solid during the winter. Sikkim’s faith healers and Buddhist monks associate this lake with some legends and myths. Yak rides are a memorable experience for tourists. Yak rides can even be taken on the frozen lake in the winter.

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