Top Moving Terms You Need To Know

For professionals collaborating with the moving business, understanding and interpreting terminology is crucial. Residents and clients are assisted in understanding and managing their relocation process by property management firms and Melbourne removalists. The key glossary of moving terms is a useful tool for responding to queries from clients about moving. Share it with your residents or clients or keep it nearby for fast reference. 

Additional (Accessorial) Services

Fees may apply for services such as stair carry, packing, appliance servicing, or unpacking that are required as a consequence of your request or a building’s requirements.

Advanced Fees

Fees for services rendered at your request by a third party. The mover adds these fees to the charges on your Bill of Lading.

Appliance service charges

It covers the price of completely disconnecting an appliance from its current location and reconnecting it at the destination address. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators are included in the list of covered appliances. For this service, some movers charge an additional fee, while others only charge for the time that is used. The field is marked “NA” if a certain mover either hires a third party to handle this service or does not execute it themselves.

Appliance Dolly

This tool is provided by self-service movers to assist you in loading and unloading bulky objects like appliances and huge furniture.

Bill of Lading

This document, known as a bill of lading, serves as the moving company and client’s agreement. A receipt is also produced by it. Before signing the bill of lading, it’s critical to comprehend everything on it.


You are collaborating with a mover named “Carrier.”

Certified scale

Any scale that has been certified by an authorised scale inspection and licensing authority for use in weighing motor vehicles, including trailers or semi-trailers that are not connected to tractors A platform or warehouse scale that has undergone a thorough inspection and certification process can also be considered a certified scale.

Cash on delivery, or C.O.D.

It refers to situations where payment is needed at the time of delivery. Make sure to clarify if you should pay with cash, credit, or a check.


 A lot of self-service movers will load their commercial cargo behind your household items on the trailer. To keep these various cargoes safe, a separator is put in between them.

Divider Installation

This details the additional cost to the customer for the installation of a divider.

Expedited Service

For a premium fee, a contract to deliver items by a specific date is made.

Flight Charge

This indicates the additional cost, if any, associated with ascending or descending a flight of stairs, either at the point of origin or destination. Please be advised that a walkup from the first floor to the third floor counts as two flights. This charge is not necessary if there are functional elevators (elevators big enough to convey household items).

Logistics Services

Freight-service movers, a less expensive option than full-service movers, will transport all of your household belongings from your old location to your new address, but they will only deliver the goods to your new home’s front door. In contrast to full-service movers, you must box all of your belongings in beforehand, and you won’t get blankets for each piece of furniture. 

Full-Service Mover

The most typical type of moving company will transport all of your possessions from your old address to your new address. All of the belongings are removed from the rooms in your old house and delivered to the corresponding rooms in your new house. To keep them safe while shipping, each piece of furniture is covered in blankets. Along with comprehensive packing and unpacking services, full-service Sydney removalists also offer appliance service for an added fee.

Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Service

A premium service that guarantees service dates and reimburses the mover for delays. Frequently, there are minimum weight limitations for this kind of service.

High-Value Articles

Products in a shipment with a value per pound of greater than $100.


An inventory is a thorough description of all of your belongings, including the number and state of each item.

Interstate move

Any move, regardless of the distance travelled, that crosses a state border is referred to as an “interstate move.” distinction between an intrastate move and a local move.

Intrastate move

Any move that stays inside one state, often longer than 40 miles, is considered an intrastate move. As opposed to local and interstate moves.


To transport household items locally, intrastate, or beyond state lines, movers must carry the appropriate licences, which are mandated by law (i.e. interstate). The status of the mover’s operating authorization and insurance coverage is shown by the licence numbers displayed. Depending on the sort of relocation made, specific states could want further information about licences.

Moving Company

The organisation that provides your move program and is in charge of transferring your possessions is known as a moving company.


This informs you of the whole cost of the transfer, excluding any additional fees or insurance. Based on data gathered from the listed moving firms during a registration interview, all price estimations are generated. Although every effort is taken to compile the most accurate data, consumers should be aware that a variety of factors influence moving costs.

Pickup and Delivery Fees

These costs are added on when you need to move your shipment from the Storage in Transit warehouse to your home.

Truck & Trailer

A whole truck, including the cab and trailer, will be delivered to your house by the moving company. The truck and trailer will stay at your house until you’ve finished loading it and ask the moving company to pick it up.

Warehouse handling

When SIT service is rendered, an extra fee for warehouse handling will be assessed. This fee reimburses the removalists Adelaide for moving objects into and out of the warehouse physically.

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