Top Qatar camping, beach spots

Camping is an excellent opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, relax, and refresh. Qatar has a number of beautiful desert sites that are ideal for day trips or overnight camping.


On the tip of the Dukhan Peninsula, some 100 kilometers from Doha, lies this vast golden scene. The area, which is known for its limestone escarpment, is full with unique coves and bays that can’t be found anyplace else.

The picturesque views of the limestone cliffs, cliffs, and turquoise blue ocean provide excellent settings for a camping getaway from the city.

Zekreet is home to the ‘Desert Mushrooms,’ a rock with the same name. The mushroom-shaped boulders are strewn about as a result of years of whittling winds slamming into the sedimentary rocks, and they’re a sight to behold.


Sealine Beach is a Qatar favorite, with its fluffy soft white sand and breathtaking vistas. It’s a popular bathing spot, and there’s much to do there, including dune buggies and water sports. There are further resorts nearby, as well as an Al Meera grocery that can be useful. This location’s beauty and solitude are unrivaled, especially for visitors looking to camp overnight.


One of the most popular overnight camping locations, hidden in a destination where the desert and the sea meet beautifully across a bed of sand dunes. This is one of the nicest camping spots in Qatar, situated between rugged dunes and the blue sea. You can go swimming or relax by the sea while visiting this UNESCO-listed Natural Reserve. Dune-bashing and quad biking are available for thrill seekers along the way.


Fuwairit Beach is located on Qatar’s northernmost coast, over 100 kilometers north of Doha, and offers some of the whitest sand and clearest waters in the country. Its shallow tranquil waters and gorgeous views, surrounded by spectacular rock formations, provide a totally unique environment. Make sure you bring everything you need because there are no utilities or cafes nearby, and the nearest shop is at least a 15-minute drive away. From April to July, when hawksbill turtles deposit their eggs on the sand, the beach is closed.


Dukhan Beach is around 90 kilometers from Doha’s downtown area, but it’s well worth the trip for the crystal clear waters and silky smooth beach. This site is ideal for camping because it has two beaches, one rocky and the other sandy, around 100 kilometers apart. You’ll find peace and tranquility on the peaceful beach, where you may unwind, zone out, and listen to the waves. Fortunately, there is a nearby town where you may stop for a bite to eat on the way. Make sure you have everything you need for a fantastic full day or overnight visit.

Though you may be eager to get in your cars, it is critical to plan your camping vacation ahead of time. Make sure you bring everything you’ll need for a safe and enjoyable day or night visit.


The Umm Bab Family Beach is 80 kilometers west of Doha. It’s part of the large Alreem Natural Reserve, and it’s also known as Palm Tree Beach, after the little cluster of palm trees that can be found there. It’s a terrific beach for the family, with amenities including a play zone for youngsters and BBQ grills. Further inland, you’ll encounter lunar-like vistas created by the excavation of a clay quarry — perfect for Instagram photos!

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