Top reasons to pursue a master’s degree in Canada

 Top reasons to pursue a master’s degree in Canada

A number of Canadian universities are rated among the topmost universities internationally. These universities are attracting a myriad of students from all across the globe. The unique teaching approach, alluring infrastructure, well-furnished and high-tech labs and enormous facilities make Canada stand out from the crowd. Canada’s 13 provinces have world-class universities which offer all the existing degrees such as Bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.D.  Well, a number of students who were unable to pursue their Bachelor’s degree in Canada might be planning to pursue a Master’s in a Canadian university. In this article, we will list some benefits of pursuing a Master’s degree in Canada that will help you make an informed decision. 

Let us tell you, Canadian universities are constantly uplifting the education quality for the advancement of student’s professional as well as personal life. This way, a Master’s degree certificate from a Canadian university opens the doors to lucrative job opportunities. Well, if you are unable to make a decision about which master course you should opt for, then you can seek advice from reputable immigration consultants in Jalandhar. Apart from it, read this article till the end to make the final decision about studying abroad. 

Here are some incredible reasons that will convince you to pursue a master’s degree in Canada: 

Canadian universities are globally recognized

Canadian universities offer a variety of study programs both in English and French. The universities are popular for professors who hold international degrees. Moreover, the research programs in various fields constantly attract students around every corner of the globe. Let us tell you that universities in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver act as global leaders in research and innovation. Canada is rated as the 4th country in the world for scientific research.  A degree from a Canadian university is internationally recognized and earns more value in the international job market. 

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Remunerative job opportunities

Students who complete their master’s degree from a Canadian university get numerous job opportunities. Not only after completion, but even international students also get an opportunity to do work along with their studies to support themselves. Students who have valid work permits can do jobs either on-campus or off-campus. Some of the top universities offer various jobs within the campus such as library attendant, mailroom attendant, campus ambassador, peer tutor and teaching assistant to full-time students. Apart from this, students can also join various internship programs that are in assent with a particular university. 

The remarkable living atmosphere and diverse cultures

Canada is a country where international students are welcomed and where multiculturalism is utterly respected. Around millions of students build their academic skills In top universities in Canada. Whether it is Asia, China or India, a number of students from all these nations step up in various provinces of Canada. The Canadian people accept various cultures and ideologies. The best part is, the multicultural policy of Canada educates students for equality and universal understanding. The Canadian community supports international students at every phase to make their accommodation easier. 

Affordable cost 

In comparison to the top-notch universities in Uk and US, the fee of universities in Canada is cost-effective. The tuition fee of a university generally depends upon the reputation as well as the location in which the university resides. Moreover, it highly depends upon the province you have chosen. The living costs and university fees of the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador are much more affordable than others. In general, the tuition fees for a master’s degree ranges from 2000 to 50,000 Canadian dollars per year. However, the professional and research programs are more expensive. Still, some of the colleges and universities offer these programs at low cost and provide top-quality education. 

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A high-tech country

Canada is a global leader in IT and computers and is highly famous for excellence in diverse sectors including animation, transportation and engineering, medical devices, aerospace, medical devices, nuclear power, biotechnology etc. Canada was the first nation that showed the need of connecting schools and libraries to the Internet. The SchoolNet program introduced by Canada is now followed all around the world. Now, almost every campus in Canada offers modern amenities and sophisticated technologies to students in order to make learning easy and engrossing.

Easy to acquire student visa and work permit

The procedure to apply for a Canada student visa and work permit is really simple. The documents required for your visa process are: 

  • Offer letter from a Canadian university/college. 
  • Proof of financial support. 
  • Passport
  • Evidence of no criminal report
  • Health insurance

Well, a Canada visa consultant can perfectly guide you at each and every step of your visa application. Moreover, a consultant with a high success rate can help you get your visa approval easily. 

Summing up

To sum up, all these reasons are enough to make an informed decision regarding whether to pursue masters in Canada, in any other country or in your own country. From our perspective, Canada is the best place to attain high-quality education. 


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