Top reasons to use leadership and management training online

 Top reasons to use leadership and management training online

Whole people are needed to perform optimally in the challenging world of work today. For this reason, the job of leadership in relation to their people in the work environment is also changing. No longer is the focus simply on inspiring, influencing, guiding, directing, facilitating, etc. There is a much bigger transformative role for leaders to play.

The transformative enlightened leader, who undergoes leadership development online, comes to understand that central to their role is enabling people to become their authentic selves in the workplace. Much of their work is focused on enhancing people’s emotional, spiritual, and cultural intelligence. This leads to each person’s greater desire not only to fulfil their own potential, but also to uplift and connect with others. They begin to aspire to a journey towards greater conscience with the ability to leave a worthwhile legacy beyond a successful career.

Unlocking individual uniqueness

Leadership and management training online understands this imperative. This is one of the top reasons to use leadership and management online training. It goes beyond the obvious and grows leaders’ competence at facilitating individuals’ ability to crystalise who they are and find their unique voice and contribution.

Leadership and management training online is integrated with diversity and inclusion courses online to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the factors that provide real meaning in life to individuals. This is both in their personal life and the work context. The aim is not only psychological wellbeing but also full development of the performance potential of an individual that creates pride and joy.

Leadership and management training online adopts progressive theory and concepts that underpin the realisation of whole people from thought leaders on the topic. For example (Ryff 1989b) identified six dimensions namely, self-acceptance, positive relations with other people, autonomy, environmental mastery, purpose in life, and personal growth as critical factors propelling psychological wellbeing. When transformative leaders adopt such thinking after receiving training, they are more likely to impact positively on the lives of their people in multiple ways.

Internal results unleash external results

Whilst much of the emphasis in leadership and management training online is on doing things differently to move organisations forward with passion and high levels of motivation, at the core is their understanding of what it means to “be” in a particular organisation. Through transformative leadership we are better able to reconcile our being with doing. The emphasis shifts from the task to the person and in this process, the uniqueness and creative energy of individuals is released.

Diversity training in unconscious bias is central to leadership and management training because of the realisations brought to the fore about the unconscious drivers that frame our being and influence behaviours that need to be undone. New approaches to doing and undoing are combined to shape revitalised whole individuals with the guiding adaptive lens of leaders and managers to help achieve sustainable progress.

Because individuals are so unique, it stands to reason that every leader will be a rare and special contributor whilst they master their own journey towards wholeness in being. Leadership and management online training makes this abundantly clear, allowing each leader preoccupied with the transformative aspects of organisational life the freedom to use principles and concepts that fit with specific situational experiences and participants.

One of the main ingredients of leadership and management training online and a top reason for using it is that it provides the hope and impetus needed to strive towards improvement in all aspects of life. To be whole as people, we need to commit to a directional process of daily renewal. The role of every leader in enabling this is indispensable.

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