Top Reasons To Wear a Helmet

 Top Reasons To Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler is mandatory on the roads. While it is easy to spot people flaunting their riding skills without a helmet, they are risking their lives to a great extent. One of the top reasons for fatalities and even deaths for motorists on the road is linked to the absence of helmets. Not wearing helmets resulted in deaths of 44,666 (30,148 drivers and 14,518 pillions) or 29.82% of total road accident fatalities during 2019 (Source). When wearing a helmet, it is essential to understand that poor quality helmets will not offer the needed protection, so is the incorrect use of helmets. This article explores the various reasons we must wear helmets every time we go out on a two-wheeler. Read on to learn more about the need to wear helmets and motorcycle helmets online. 

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Importance of wearing a helmet

Reduce chances of head injuries: Wearing a helmet (a good quality helmet, to be precise) helps reduce the chances of impacts on the head resulting from an accident. Please note that head injuries can be fatal and even cause death. This is why it is a must that one wears a helmet while riding. 

Protects the eyes – Helmets can have various designs and features. For example, a full-face helmet may very well cover the entire face, offering the needed protection for the whole face and eyes in the event of an accident. It also protects one’s eyes from dust and high beams from reaching into the eyes. 

Improve attention: A helmet may help improve the riding attention and experience. Wearing a helmet, a rider may be better positioned to focus on the roads and nearby vehicles and control the speed. As a result, the chances of accidents can be lowered. Also, wearing a helmet can keep the cool breeze from entering the ears; it can reduce the impact of outside temperatures, thanks to the cushioning and other features. 

Follow the rules and regulations: As responsible citizens, we must keep the roads safe for us and everyone else. Do not forget that not wearing a helmet can lead to costly fines. Violations can negatively impact your driving record. 

Everyone on a two-wheeler, including pillion riders, should wear helmets. Remember that by making it mandatory to wear and make everyone wear a helmet on the vehicle, you are setting an excellent example for children, who will follow this good habit for their lives. 

Things to consider while purchasing a helmet

Purchase good quality helmets from brands with a trusted track record of providing high-quality products. Buy a helmet depending on your needs, but focus on a product that is well-equipped to cover the entire face and provides the needed safety. Keep the glass clean for better visibility while riding. Replace old helmets when required. Ask the manufacturer about the expiry date of the helmets and replace them when needed. 

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