Top-Selling Armenian Pastry Items and Cup-Cakes for All Exotic Cake Lovers

When you’re craving for authentic Armenian pastries, cupcakes and cookies here in Glendale, CA, it has to be from a popular cafeteria in town that prepares and sells some of the finest confectionery items. No wonder why local residents have developed a huge fan following for this particular bakery shop in the heart of the city that sells freshly baked cakes and pastries in a variety of styles and flavors. It is “Art’s Bakery & Cafe” that has carved out a distinct niche in the area of pastry making, especially in an Armenian style. Here, you can order Custard Cream Ponchiks, Tiramisu, Bird Milk, Fruit Napoleon, Custard Cream Napoleon, Mixed Fruit Cake, Fruit Puff, Chocolate Cake, Honey Cake, Strawberry Cake, Yerevan, and so many more items. The list is endless. Here, pastries and cakes galore. There’s no ending to it. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and want some freshly prepared Armenian pastries after a tummy-filly and heartily meal, why not order it online. You get it all delivered to your home. But, it is suggested to visit their outlet for a glimpse of their pastry items and to get a feel of the real thing.

Authentic Armenian Pastries are Sweet, Savory & Delicious

At one such popular cafeteria and bakery shop, you can now think of tasting all their best-selling Armenian pastry GlendaleArt’s Bakery & Cafe items that are so finger licking, smooth, soft and rich. It is the sheer sight of them that can create a mouthwatering effect. It is their Mocha Cake, Micado, Chocolate Cream Puff, Anthill Cake or Mrjnabun, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Roulette, etc. that instantly produces a gastronomic craving. And when you take them in your mouth, it melts like soft whisked cream. You can also go for their Raspberry Cheesecake and Rum Balls, all dipped in chocolate, cheese and cream. In fact, the Armenian pastries are something different from the regular ones. They are unique in taste and flavor. It is much softer, creamier and smooth, better than their English and European counterparts. This is the only reason why a majority of Glendale residents have developed a liking and a sort of ‘love affair’ with such savory Armenian cakes & pastries, all baked fresh at a prominent city-based bakery.

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