Top Tourist Destinations In Colombia

Being a traveler, you should think out of the box now. Yes, if you have been to all the known places of the world for your vacations till now, you can just have Colombia time on your bucket list. The best part of this place is that it is a blend of all the coasts, the peaks, and the jungles. So, if you are someone who loves all of this, you can definitely think of visiting here. Before booking your flight tickets to Colombia, you can go through Top Tourist Destinations In Colombia. With this, you, the travelers, find it easy to plan your vacation. 

What is the Most Visited Place in Colombia?

Bogota is the name of the place. As per the data for the year 2018, this place received the highest number of international arrivals. So, if you want to give your vacation solely to this place, you can book your flight tickets with American airlines and fly to Bogota. The airline offers a number of facilities and features that you might need to avail yourself of. 

For example,  if you land in a situation where your kid needs to travel alone, the American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy offers it for you. If you want to know more, you can call the airline. 

Is Colombia a Good Tourist Destination?

When it comes to some of the most visited tourist destinations around the world, this country falling in Southern America gets neglected.  But the Travellers must have the idea that though Colombia is taking a bit longer to establish itself as one of the major holiday destinations, it is truly worth visiting.  You get a number of it, but it is truly worth visiting. You get a number of and also a wide variety of ecosystems and rainforests and coastlines.

Now, let us find out some places to visit in Colombia.

List of top tourist destinations in Colombia:

You can find the top most and top rates tourist destination to visit in Colombia:


The place was once one of the major colonies in America. And even today, it has been preserved in the best manner possible. You are definitely going to have the feel of the history. 


This place wins the hearts of many visitors. At a point in time, Medellin was addressed as one of the most dangerous cities in Colombia. But today, the striking libraries, the must-visit museums, and the captivating culture of this place draw a lot of tourists. 


If you are someone who is truly looking for some escape to the wildlife and natural beauty of the Amazon, you should not give it a second thought. Just book your tickets for Leticia.

The Lost City

If you are a hike or trek enthusiast and you are in Colombia, you must not miss it. The name of the spot itself is very exciting. However, you cannot have a trek alone without any guidance. This is restricted; you just need to have a guide with you. 

Therefore, by now, you might have understood that Colombia is a place that offers a lot to you. And also, that it is a must visit at least once in a lifetime. If you have booked your tickets with AA and now want to upgrade your seat, you can go for American Airlines upgrade with miles. The passengers can use the American Airlines miles for upgrading their seats. 

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