Top trends in women’s clothing

Pakistan’s fashion industry is growing rapidly. With 4 provinces, Pakistani culture is very mixed up. Different provinces have different clothing trends, but there are few trends followed by the whole nation. The latest fashion trends are a mix of some western culture and s00ome ideas from the neighboring countries. This is bringing a revolution to the fashion industry of Pakistan. In this article we are going to discuss the latest clothing trends in Pakistan.

1) Using bold colors

Every woman and fashion lover likes to wear bold colors. Wearing bold color makes them look more attractive and charming that is why in parties you may see most women are wearing bold colored dresses.

2) Flowy Gown

These flowy gowns look very decent and are beautifully embroidered. They have been on women’s top list when they are looking for options to wear in weddings or parties. Many Pakistani celebrities have also been seen wearing these long flowy gowns in award functions and weddings.

3) Medium Length shirts

These medium length shirts have always been in fashion and of course in this era it is still among the top trends. These shirts are usually worn with tides or pants. If someone does not prefer flowy gowns she can definitely try these medium size shirts. Moreover, you can wear them in parties or hangout with your friends. Medium size shirts will look decent and fancy.

4) Long shirts

Many women do not prefer short length shirts for many reasons. They don’t have to worry as long shirts are still in fashion. They look good on every  height are that is why they are still in trend.

5) Silk shirts

Recently silk shirts have gained a lot of limelight in the Pakistani fashion industry. Silk shirts are priorities for young generation for casual use. These shirts are very comfortable that is why they are in demand in the market.

6) Statement Dupattas

The dupattas are an excellent addition to the luxurious dresses. Lights, ruffles, block prints, rillios, hasas and an entire host of dupattas builds your outfit good. It does not matter whether your outfit is heavy or simple these dupattas will surely raise your look.

7) Sarees

Sarees are the most loved outfit by women of every age. Whether it be your wedding or you are attending a farewell you can wear saree in any event. Most women also wear simple sarees at their office too. Black and Blue are among the favorite color of sarees for women. You can get the latest embroidered sarees at AR Banarsi.

8) Tops

Tops are  simple, stylish and can make anyone look stunning, without giving an overwhelming impact. You can find them at many top brands. They are ideal for every occasion and if you wear them you are sure to stand out every other person in the event.


In this article we have mentioned the top trendy outfits, but you should always decide your outfit d on your personality and what feels comfortable to you. If you feel confused on what to wear we are sure that this article has a lot of various outfit mentioned, and you will be able to select one among them for yourself.


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