Total Joint Replacement: Process and Recovery

 Total Joint Replacement: Process and Recovery

Numerous reasons can lead to joint pain and it’s important to identify the root cause and take the recommended action in consultation with surgeons. Majorly, the joint pain could be caused by damage to the cartilage, either from arthritis, fracture or certain other condition. Before opting for a surgery, firstly the non-surgical treatments could be preferred that includes physiotherapy, medications and other activities.

Joint replacement consists of hip and knee replacement and is one of the most common orthopedic procedures performed today but there could be other as well including the ankle, wrist, shoulder and elbow. You need to get examined properly in order to be eligible for a surgery. Prepare physically, psychologically and socially to well get ahead of the challenges coming ahead and this would make the recovery process easier.

joint replacement surgery
joint replacement surgery

Why is Joint Replacement recommended?

Non-surgical treatments are not able to take care of pain. Surgeon made a thorough analysis of joints and came to a conclusion that replacement surgery is the only option and he even counted on the probability of recovery success.

Preparing for surgery

Prepare well for surgery so that the chances of complications are reduced and recovery is speeded.

  • In case of smoking, it’s better to cut down or quit immediately as it increases the risk of infection and affects blood circulation.
  • If you frequently consume alcohol, you need to cut down on that as well.
  • Eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet so that the excess weight does not affect your joints.
  • Keep a regular exercise before surgery and in consultation with your doctor. You would be asked to use a walker or crutches so it’s better to get prepared ahead of the time to reduce the impact later.

Surgical procedure

Total joint replacement surgery takes certain time for completion. During the surgery, the damaged cartilage and bone is removed from your joint and gets replaced with components such as plastic, metal and ceramic.


Recovery process may differ person to person. Follow carefully the instructions provided by your doctor and use your new joints accordingly. There might be chances of pain initially but over the period, it may get resolved. Seek the physiotherapy treatment to help restore your joint movement and strength.


Patients are able to perform daily routine activities in couple of days after a surgery and are able to get an improved strength and motion in their joints.

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