Traditional Method And Equipment Used In Cooking Indian Food

Indian food is not only rich in flavours but also rich in its culture and tradition. Indian cook their meal with extreme love and patience, the aroma of the species and the “Tarka” is surely meant to be spread away all over the house. The Indian meals bind the people together while deserving hot and delicious food in an Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill

Meal prepared traditionally has an earthy and soulful taste that modern cooking can’t compensate for. Even though with technology and modernization many households has adopted the use of machines and modern way of cooking because of the hectic lifestyle that they are now living in. Still, there are certain types of equipment that are still present and used in most houses.

Traditional Kitchen Equipment!

  • Mortar-Pestle–(Hamam- dasta/Khal Batta/khandni-dasto): Usually used for pounding the whole species like dried red chilies, black peppercorns, cardamoms, and many others to make a paste of ginger and garlic. It is a bowl-shaped vessel that is made up of stone or wood, which intensifies the aroma and gives an earthy flavor to the food.
  • Sil Batta: a traditional wet grinder, used to make paste and chutneys and those masalas that make the delicious spicy curries. Some herbs and masalas are ground with to and fro movements done by the hands which gives them the earthy taste. Though this technique has been slowly eradicated from the modern kitchen, some villagers or traditional people have still used the erstwhile grinder of India.
  •  Churner (Mathni/ghotni/phirni): with the shape of a circular base and a handle to hold it, this equipment is made of wood to churn the frothy lassi also make some delicious homemade butter.
  • Handi: the oldest cooking style, high has been resurfaced again in modern times by bloggers and the restaurant to promote the idea of traditional Indian food. A utensil that has a significant role in slow cooking and making the Indian food taste more flavourful.
  • Kal Chatti / stone pot: Utensils used in Kerala, a Southern region of India. The utensils are made of a stone vessel which intensifies the taste of dishes like sambhar and some fish curries.
  • Coffee grinder and filter: till now many households use this equipment to grind their coffees weekly or daily to get that hot and brew coffee, usually used in the south, it consists of you containers the first part where the coffee powder is puta and second to filter it.

Indian Food: A Taste Of Culture!

Indian food can open a path to a new outlook for the food and its meaning, the stories and the ideas behind each and every food item has brought the society close together time and again. A traditional household with meals shared with family is an ideal way to enjoy the best foods and the company.


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