Transcription Services – Charging Methods

 Transcription Services – Charging Methods

There are a myriad of transcription services available in the present, with some costs less than nothing, while others costing a lot of dollars. With numerous charging options Today, I’ll take a explore the different charging options and the best way to obtain top quality transcription without spending a fortune. interview transcription services

Charging Models

There are a variety of models for the way you are charged by transcription firms. These are the most popular one, but there are many other models. We examine the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Fixed Price

Fixed price transcription usually involves creating a mix of the following techniques; typically, a client will send their audio to be transcribed . The transcription firm will offer an estimate for the work. The quote is only applicable to the work they quote on. The company will typically take the number of speakers, the hardness of audio, the quality of the recording, turnaround time as well as previous relationships with customers and so on. into account in determining a typical price for transcription, based on an agreed price.

Positives of fixed-price transcription services

You are aware of the exact amount the company that does audio transcription will charge for transcription services. There are no hidden fees for transcription. Great for large businesses as well as businesses with regular transcription agreements. You can be sure that your transcription company can deliver work prior to the time you place an order. It’s possible that you can avail discounts for huge amounts of audio however, I have found that this isn’t always the scenario.

Negatives of fixed-price transcriptions

Not ideal for quick turnaround transcription as it takes time to reach out to the company that provides the transcription service, and for them will respond with a price. Even if you reach them, I’ve found that certain companies do not respond which means you waste more time. It can be very time-consuming to arrange. The majority of these companies are not equipped with automated systems, so feedback from customers is usually slow. The result is that you usually pay more for audio services. Be sure to verify the capabilities of the transcription company to take the specific requirements of clients into account.


In the majority of situations, I’d recommend against this kind of transcription service since you could get similar or better results with different techniques for transcription. One instance where I would recommend this method is in cases where you need to adhere to exact formatting standards or punctuation rules that must be met (as alternative methods described below typically do not come with particular formatting included in the cost).

In each line of text typed

The term “per line” is typically defined as: One line of transcription corresponds to 65 keystrokes. A typical company will agree on a price per keystroke with the transcriptionist , and you will be charged for these keystrokes. Although this method is commonly utilized in the field of medical transcription Personally, I don’t enjoy the method of charging for transcription services since it’s very difficult for the customer receiving the transcription done on their behalf to determine the exact number of the keystrokes, or line of transcription are in their transcription order. Although some estimation is possible but you won’t know exactly what you’re paying for until you receive your invoice! I consider this to be risk that does not have to be taken considering that there are a myriad of transcription techniques available.

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