Traveling Plan

 Traveling Plan

To plan their  next vacation , get ideas for a destination or just to get away from it all, many people follow travel bloggers . From one country to another, Pakistan tour packages they share their experience and their best photos on their blog.

These globetrotters and other independent travelers do not miss the opportunity to give their  best addresses  for each destination or their   travel tips . Whether they are more followers of the road trip or beautiful hotels, they give their readers the desire for travel and escape.

Many brands and companies, especially hotels or airlines, seek to contact them in order to carry out communication projects such as product placements  or larger  promotional campaigns  .

Discover the  top 10 travel blogs  selected by Kolsquare’s Influence Marketing experts.

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# 1 Diaries

Carnets de Traverse is a blog created by Julie in 2008, it lists several travel diaries of her various escapades illustrated with photographs taken by her.

The blogger uses  polaroid photos  to embellish her articles, which results in the use of a real travel diary in the form of a scrapbook. She also gives her advice for  successful road trips  to the four corners of the world.

# 2 The Pink Bird

Passionate about traveling to the end of the world and photography, Camille created  L’Oiseau Rose  to share her passion and make her readers discover incredible landscapes on a daily basis.

She gives her tips and tricks for traveling around the world, her  travel guides  for traveling on the cheap, avoiding travel scams, making a living while traveling and more.

In a few months, Camille has gone from just over 8,000 subscribers to 48.6k on Instagram where she mainly works. A rising figure in Influence Marketing who gives us a taste of the world before taking the plunge and going on a trip!

# 3 Alex Vizeo

Alex is a  blogger who travels a lot off the beaten track.  An essential element of the Blogosphere with the traveling instinct of which blogging serves as a witness (and a sharing for its many readers). In addition to posting notes on his long-haul trips around the world on  his blog , he also produces very good quality videos to relate his travels.

His Youtube channel allows Internet users to really put themselves in his shoes, as if they were traveling with him.

On his blog and in his videos , this traveler tells about his experiences with the locals, gives great advice and draws the eye to the most beautiful landscapes he has the opportunity to see.

# 4 Travel Me Happy

Travel Me Happy  is run by a couple, Capucine and Thibault. Both are passionate about travel and discovery. On their blog, they offer to discover all the destinations to which they have been.

The tandem of influencers also offers suggestions for a long weekend or good addresses for hotels and restaurants, to  inspire their subscribers  and make them travel through their articles and photos.

The couple are present on Facebook and Twitter and are gradually starting to share their discoveries with us via Youtube . A passion for travel and a nomadic life that their followers take pleasure in discovering every time.

# 5 The French Nomad

Ryan  spends his life traveling. Never in the same country, he gives advice on how to travel cheaper, travel by motorbike, what clothes to bring, what to avoid when traveling …

Some  tips and recommendations are more useful than the others that make you want to tour the world.

Unlike his cronies, it is on Facebook that “The French Nomad” works the most since it counts 167k subscribers on the social network .

# 6 World Else

Pauline has traveled to nearly thirty countries and is not ready to stop there. She created her blog to share her six month adventure  in Asia.

Benoît, his companion, also participates in the blog by collaborating on the creation of content, photos, videos and digital strategy. On  Worldelse , they share their travel experiences, recipes from around the world as well as good addresses and advice.

Swiss Army Knives, the two KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are also on Twitter , Facebook and (still timidly) on Youtube.

# 7 A Backpack

Behind  A bag on the back  hides Amandine and François. They travel the world as a couple and write articles about their adventures.

They share the advice and thoughts gathered during their many discoveries. They also make videos of their trip to share their travels from a different perspective.

# 8 Madame Oreilles blog

Aurélie is a photographer and shares photos from her many trips on her blog. Through  Madame Oreille , she shares anecdotes, travel stories and photographs. In addition to recounting her travels, she also reveals her tips for improving her photography skills.

With an average engagement rate per Instagram post of 3.98%, Aurélie has built a united and engaged community.

# 9 One Day One Travel

OneDayOneTravel  is run by a duo of globetrotters, Franck and Richard. Every summer since 1994, they go on a trip with their backpack and have thus explored several regions of the world that they now share on their blog.

Between itineraries, practical information, photos and videos, browsing this blog gives the impression of traveling around the world with them.

The tandem of influencers also gives you an appointment on its Facebook page which has already made 24k followers.

# 10 Travel Etc

Adeline is the blog to follow for those who want to travel alone. Used to traveling on her own, she gives her advice and tips for traveling everywhere.

In 2010, she left for almost a year for a real world tour and then wanted to share her experiences and her advice on a blog and to bring her recommendations for the girls who hesitate to travel solo.

Adeline engages as much as she is also engaged on Facebook and Twitter , two social networks on which she shares her adventurous daily life.

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