Trend That Could help you with Better Urgent Care Billing Reimbursement

 Trend That Could help you with Better Urgent Care Billing Reimbursement

Urgent Care Billing

According to the survey, the urgent care centers are exploding today are mostly due to the rising wait times for primary care services. The urgent care market is predicted to reach up to $40.7 billion growing at a 4.2% of CAGR rate. In fact, national government policy, search for cost effective delivery methods for medical services and also a faster treatment delivery is also the reason for the escalating development. The urgent care center today is fueled by the demand due to its convenient access to care. An urgent care center mostly focus on episodic and simple treatment conditions for patient and not chronic and complex cases.  

Even with so much demand, the urgent care market still ends up with a shrinking profit margin for its sloppy revenue cycle management. The billing of urgent care practice which is an intricate part of the practice has its own challenges as for urgent care services a huge number of codes which are a representation for diagnosis and treatment coupled with the carriage of various payers making it troublesome for many practices at the time of emergency or need. That further resulting in many healthcare practices opting out for outsourcing their urgent care billing services.

 Furthermore, the increasing healthcare cost, complex ICD – 10 coding systems, implementation of electronic medical records (EMR) to maintain reimbursement levels while operating a profitable ratio is also the reason for healthcare providers to outsource their billing management.  

Outsourcing a trend ensuring a better urgent care billing management: 

Cutting down the unnecessary costs and eliminating the burden of the huge administrative headache of in-house billers and coders, outsourcing is a far better option with personalized account managers, customized reporting and a better billing approach. 

Resolving the lack of billing and coding expertise along with advanced billing software technology, outsourcing your urgent care billing brings better revenue that not only makes difference to your profit margin but also care delivery.


In fact, Sunknowledge is one such leading revenue cycle management ( RCM) solution with excellent industry references known for its highest productivity metrics and a seamless billing approach. With trained and certified coders taking care of your billing, coding, collections and appeal process; we today help you with better functionality for the core work of patient care management.  

So if you looking to improve your financial well being and your practice management, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the one stop destination for serving your billing needs.


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