Trends that are altering the future of IT support

We are in the middle of changing businesses and industries in significant ways. Known as the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0, this revolution cause’s enormous transformation as it has been in the previous three courses in how our workplaces and the globe operate. The First Industrial Revolution began mechanization in the 1770s. 

A century later, the Second Industrial Revolution introduced electricity, mass manufacturing and assembly lines. Computers and automation were introduced in the Third Industrial Revolution. As we go into the new world of Industry 4.0, intelligent factories, machinery linked and smart robots change our jobs and professional tasks like marketing.

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Over the years, IT support has changed based on business requirements, working culture, technical advances and the ever-changing IT environment. IT aid desks have become IT service desks that manage a broader range of IT activities and better match strategic company objectives. 

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  • Focus more on customer experience

Even in more prominent companies, the angle from which IT assistance may be seen changes. Internal IT teams are regarded as the rest of the company’s service providers. The IT department team members begin to concentrate on providing their clients, the other organization departments the most incredible experience.

Another excellent reason many start-ups outsource their IT assistance to qualified businesses is to focus on customer experience. CX is already focused when you deal with a reliable IT support provider and cyber security. Naturally, working side by side comes.

The strength of the IT support staff means better experiences for the company’s users or customers. If the company has dependable IT infrastructure and solutions that support its operations, all parts of it may concentrate attention on ensuring that consumers are (always) satisfied.

  • Increased shopping

The market is projected to increase by 1,6 billion dollars by 2025. Shortly, more shopping may remove the necessity for an in-store seller entirely. An AR interface will suffice for each client to explore the features of a product, modify it, examine it from every aspect and detail and ultimately find out more about the product than a salesman could preach.

Händlers are constantly looking for the next best strategy to enhance customer experience and profitability. However, in case of software or hardware problems, retailers will find using this technology without a good IT team onboard. Even IT support personnel may use AR technology to assist customers with their AR technology; this is how varied it is!

Although the advantages of this new technology are enormous, merchants have also become increasingly technology-dependent. Only IT supporting businesses with technical expertise will be sought to provide these customers with solutions.

  • Robotics

In the recent past, robots (and the software managing these robots) were expensive luxuries only provided by large companies and frequently only for tasks that posed safety risks or required high precision levels, including space travel. Today, robots and AI engines – such as intelligent vacuum cleaners – are used to clean the average household.

Computer vision system robots for small enterprises may rely on the performance of fundamental storage management measures such as storage shelves, pricing and even the supply of items to doors. These simple robots are driven by a great deal of computational power not only in their onboard chipset but also by IT professionals who contribute to the performance of their machine.

Given the way robotics grow and become a standard part of intelligent homes, IT professionals need to handle a wide range of technologies. Companies with IT solutions that have previously provided accounting and dial-up modems now have to see these avenues as future expansion paths.

  • Free Staff Stores

With retailers, RFID tags, IoT devices, facial recognition, and computer viewing systems quickly catch up. All these combined technologies allow brick and mortar stores to operate without cashiers and virtually no employees.

This seems the optimum solution as social distancing becomes the norm, but these technologies cannot be used without a good IT backbone. Businesses must remain up to date with retail innovations being put into practice and maintain the smooth running of the latest developments such as chatbots and virtual agents.

Chatbots and virtual agents are already assigned the task of online customer support. As these technologies become more innovative and efficient via AI, they can be regarded as superior to humans as they can simultaneously deal with countless conversations. They can also be more effective than people with their extensive experience in banking.

  • Virtual Reality Kits (VR)

What could have begun as fun and games is a severe undertaking. These kits significantly influence the behaviour of industries (healthcare, education, construction, marketing, automotive) and their companies and help IT solution providers and B2B eCommerce development.

Facebook purchased 2 billion dollars from OculusVR, the VR pioneers. IT support is changing significantly by using this technology. Now, an IT support expert can guide a client through a headset to solve a particular problem virtually, if necessary.

  • Intelligent equipment

The addition of monitoring capabilities by sensors and the ability to transmit this information to IT engineers live to make intelligent devices even more brilliant. This calls for the proactive support staff but also increases the need for predictive analysis and the importance. 

The deployment of such surveillance instruments in environments such as oil installations and power plants calls on the supporting staff to save customers thousands or even millions of dollars in damages for even a split-second period.

In a nutshell!

ITSM tools are supported at these IT service desks, which enhance functionality and usability. The path does not stop here, of course; ITSM will develop. Here are some hot trends that will drive ITSM’s development in the following years.


Nitesh Behani is the Co-Founder of Magneto IT Solutions, a full-service Mobile App, Shop ware Development, Magento development company in the USA, India, and Bahrain, automotive eCommerce solutions.

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