Trimmer vs Shaver What is The Actual Difference?

 Trimmer vs Shaver What is The Actual Difference?

When it comes to grooming tools, people often get confused with those two, Trimmer & Shaver. The funny thing is we have seen people calling both with either one name or just alternating their names. That day is long gone, from now on you will never make the same mistake. If you already can recognize those two then it is time for you to know all the details that make those different from each other. Here we will discuss the details that you need to know regarding Trimmer vs haver.

If you are willing to know all the differences between Trimmer & Shaver then first you will need to understand what those two are individual. Have a look below, here we have discussed those two Grooming Tools:

What Is A Trimmer?

By the name you can understand what the main purpose of a Trimmer is. An electric trimmer or trimmer is a modern electric grooming device to trim your hair. You can use it to trim or cut short your hair. There are specific trimmers to use on your Head, Body, Nose, Ear & Private parts. You can also use those trimmers to shorten your dog’s or cat’s fur.

Trimmer is very popular, especially for the young generation. Those who are growing facial hair will not want to completely shave their faces. Teenagers who are growing beards use trimmers to shorten their facial hair for the first few years. It also is an essential tool to make different Beard Styles. Those who like to wear different beard styles tend to use hair trimmers instead of scissors as it is much more time-efficient & easier to use.

Most hair trimmers come with safety combs. You can use those to determine the desired length of your hair. When you glide the trimmer through your hair, those safety combs or guards guide it to the length you want to trim. It is quite similar to the traditional method where you need to lift hair using a comb & then use scissors. That is why it is often called the substitute of scissors or the Modern Day Scissors. You can use it to do whatever you wish to do with your hair using scissors, or perhaps more.


  • Multiple usages, Head, Face, Body & more
  • Versatile grooming tool
  • Choose different hair lengths using attachments
  • No need to apply shaving products or wet your face before trimming
  • Easy to use
  • Best for beard styling


  • Trimmers can not give you a closer shave
  • Bit expensive compared to electric shavers

What Is A Shaver?

A shaver or an electric shaver is a device that is used to shave your face & other body parts. It is more likely the automated version of the safety razor & cartridge razor. You can simply use it to shave your beard & other parts of your body. Unlike a trimmer, it will give you a closer shave & will keep your skin feeling smooth.

While using a safety razor or cartridge razor, the risk of having minor cuts is very common. Especially, if you are a beginner then it always will increase the risk of using regular razors. To avoid this risk completely electric shavers come in very handy. Those shavers will not leave any cut on your face & other parts of your body. There are some Electric Shavers for Elderly People available to avoid any risk. There are both wet & dry electric shavers available on the market. Using a wet shaver you can apply a shaving gel or cream for smooth gliding.

There are two types of electric shavers available nowadays. The most popular one is called the Rotary shaver. It shaves your skin by using rapidly rotating small blades group over the surface of your skin. A rotary shaver either has plastic blades or metal blades in the circular opening. The other type is Foil Shavers. It is more likely an electric razor. The key difference is it has two layers of metal that run parallel to each other instead of having rotating blades. You can shave any type of hair or body hair that is growing in different directions using both types of shavers.


  • Easy & comfortable to use
  • No risk of cuts & razor burns
  • Both wet & dry shave
  • Provides closer shave leaving the skin smooth
  • Suitable for different body parts
  • Suitable for any type of hair


  • Not suitable to trim the hair

You can not get a clean shave that looks similar to a razor

Now you know all the details regarding Electric Trimmer & Shavers. Below the key differences between these two are shown.

Trimmer vs Shaver

DefinitionA trimmer is a grooming tool to trim any hairAn electric shaver is a tool to easily shave your hair from any part
AttachmentsIt comes with different safety combs & attachmentsNo attachment available
UsageYou can use it to cut short your hair, beard & other body parts hairYou can use it to totally shave any unwanted hair, but can not trim any
ShavingNot suitable for close shavingMade for close shaving
Styling BeardEasy to style beard using a trimmerYou can not use it to style a beard
Battery TypeBoth direct corded use & rechargeable battery useMostly rechargeable battery use
TransportabilityIt has a bulky body along with other accessoriesIt has a compact size & shape compared to trimmers
PriceIt May cost some more bucks compared to electric shaversCost-effective

Which One to Buy?

The answer to this question relies on your need. If you are used to cutting short your hair, beard, or body hair ten a trimmer will be the best option for you. Also, if your main purpose is to cut your hair & style your beard then choose a trimmer. If your main purpose is to shave unwanted hair from your face & body for a smoother look then go for an electric shaver.

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